My strong passion for language

I wonder if I am a greedy girl but I am crazy about foreign languages, especially Chinese and English. In the future, I hope that I can master as many languages as posible. You cannot imagine my wonderful feeling when I learn a new Chinese word or an interesting English phrase. Such feelings seem hard to describe. I can spend all my times studying English and Chinese. Learning languages, as it is often said to hold the keys to penetrate into the cultures.

Today I learn writing. I have procrastinated this practice for a long time due to the final exam. Of 4 skills of language: speaking, writing, reading and listening, it is writing that I often find difficult. There are many hindrances that prevent me from have a good writing. I often find myself lost for words. The words are often at the tip of my tongue as I have a habit of taking note a lot of words and phrases but rarely reviewing them. Perhaps I have to learn the method of remembering new words of my younger sister. She often brings along a notebook, in which the words are written. She learned the new words even when cooking. In addition, it is also useful to bring the new words into use. I do not remember exactly, but I have read an article concerning learning English somewhere, which indicates that the best ways of learning new words is to use them regularly. Try to bring the new words into the essays and you will remember them better.

Now, it’s time for some Chinese. I love Chinese! I have learnt Chinese for more than 1 year. And now I am proud of my ability to conduct basic conversational Chinese with my 2 chinese friends. They may be also my first foreign friends. Though I have learnt English for more than 14 years, however, I rarely have the chance to talk with ones from English-speaking countries.

Maybe it is enough for my today post. “Rome was not built in a day.” In the future, I believe, my writing will be better if I keep practising it everyday.

One response to “My strong passion for language

  1. ““Rome was not built in a day.” In the future, I believe, my writing will be better if I keep practising it everyday.” –> I believe it too because regularity is essential to improve any skill! 🙂


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