A chill Monday

Yesterday, I forgot writing something on my blog as promised to myself.  Today, while cooking, I thought some ideas for my writing today. I have the habit of speaking English or thinking something related to studying while cooking. This method works very well. Instead of staying in the desk for hours, tiring your eyes by regular exposure to the computer screen, I can study something such as speaking English or Chinese while enjoying the scent of yummy dishes…However, it may result in my gaining in weight as I sometimes can not keep myself out of tasting something in the kitchen.:D Maybe it is too wordy for this openning, now let’s come to the main story that I want to share today.

It is extremely chilly today, as it has been for a fortnight. Today is the first day of the second semester. After resting at home for a week, enjoying the time of living in a blissful ignorance of the final exam, I have to come back to school. It is not an easy-doing task as I am accustomed to the fairly pleasant atmosphere at home. I had worn tons of clothes, however it was not warm enough to fight with such cold weather. Riding on the motorbike to school, I just hoped to get to school as soon as possible. Arriving at school at 7 a.m to find the school with few students, I felt more chilly. Nonetheless, meeting my friends really help me feel more comfortable. My friends both turned to some kind of stuffed toys, how lovely they are!!!!!

This semester, I started to learn Econometrics – a demanding subject as many of my friends who have learnt it informed. I was told that it is much more difficult than Statistics-the one that I have thought that the most difficult subject ever. My new lecturer, however, is very amiable and learned. She is the Dean of Faculty of International Economics. It is her education background that made me admire her a lot. She also graduated from Foreign Trade University. She learnt External economics in French and then, took Master’s Degree in France. She also had spent time in Canada, in Quebec -where French is the main language. After that, she went to the USA to learn for PhD. Accordingly, she knew English as well. To my amazement, she speaks English well and naturally, but makes some wrong pronunciation, though, which made me find it difficult sometimes to catch up with her lecture. However, she is also a respectable lecturer. She helps reduce my worry for this subject.

A new semester and more interesting things await. Let’s see what would happen!!!!!!


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