Failure is the mother of success!!!!!

Today I was very depressed when I received the email from Embassy of the United States, in which I was informed that I was disqualified for the scholarship of the SUSI scholarship (SUSI stands for Study of the United States Institutes). One more time I suffered from failure. It is not the first time I received such a politely refusing email like that:

Dear applicant:

Thank you for applying for the 2011 SUSI for Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues Program.  Unfortunately, you were not selected as a finalist in this year’s competition.

The selection committee for this year’s program faced a real challenge in deciding which candidates to select from the many outstanding applications we received this year.  We assessed candidates’ academic excellence, clarity and persuasiveness of personal statements, leadership qualities, interest in environmental issues and potential in their university and community activities, and English language ability. While your application was very competitive, the committee ultimately decided on other candidates.

We appreciate your interest in the SUSI Program and encourage you to re-apply for next year’s competition if you are still eligible and interested.  If you have any questions or comment, please contact us at


Up to now, I haven’t succeeded in applying for any things concerning the extracurricular activities. The last time that I remember was when I was not chosen as one of the volunteers for ASEAN-BIS. Another dispiriting experience was when I was not selected to join a workshop on climate change of British Council. All of these activities both require the applicants a good command of English, an impressive record of extracurricular activities as well as a study result with flying colours. For SUSI, in addition to the above-mentioned stuff, I also had to submit 2 letters of recommendation from my teachers in the application dossier. It is really difficult to accept this truth because I  expended  a great amount of effort writing,  scrutinising the essay, the application form.:((It also took me a great deal of time to have the letters of recommendation from my 2 teachers. :(( However, failure is the inevitable part of life. As I have skimmed through the book “I am gifted, so are you”, written by Adam Khoo, I remember there is a statement, indicating that from the perspective of the successful people, there is nothing called failure, it is just the experience. I have to console myself that this failure is just one of the stepping stones for me to reach the success. It is not worth regretting or blaming. It is time to continue to conquer other challenges presented. It is also necessary to have a thorough view on the reasons of failure with hindsight. It is due to my insufficiency of extracurricular activities, especially the ones relating to protecting environment. It is due to my essay, it is not persuasive enough to make the selection commitee believe that I am competitive for this scholarship. There is a mountain of work to do if  I want to succeed in the future…

Today, I printed the google calendar for better observation. I believe that this calendar will help me become more well-organized, be always on alert of the deadline. In the past, I have a lot of salutary lessons with deadlines. I often do not have a careful plan to deal with deadline, and just some days ahead of the due dates that I get down to the assignment. Apparently, I cannot finish all the jobs with high level of satisfaction, and it is also a waste of time. Nothing is beyond the realms of possibilities. I know a lot of students, who not only thrive on hard work but also get round to enjoying the life, participating in many social activities. Their keys to success  are the engagement, which means the extreme dedication to any goal they have set, the rational allocation of time, and the steadfast attitude toward success. It is the way we allocate the time that determines our success. As time is commonly referred to as the most precious to men, good time controlling will help me take every difficulty at my stride.

There are more and more obstacles on the way to success. GBC, mid-term test, assignment, class presentation, TOEFL iBT, Global Ugrad, etc. A long list of objectives in this year is set to be accomplished. I am still young, therefore, I am not depressed about failure any more. Failure is the mother of success!

This note seems to be difficult to follow as I write anything that flows in my mind.

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