TOPIC 1 – A recommended essay from a friend of mine

Colleges and universities are commonly referred to as the most advanced and respected educational institutions in a country. Even though there exist some success stories who have never enjoyed a formal education, the truth is, attending a college has become a popular aspiration (ambition) among the youths all over the world. Like it or not, colleges offer learners certain benefits that ought not to be underrated.

In the first place, people go to college/university in order to have a better preparation for their future careers. This should not be surprising, since college students are generally exposed to numerous opportunities to thrive professionally. For example, those who have not identified their career prospects yet can have a wide range of subject options to choose from before figuring out which branch of study suits them the most. For those who already set out their future paths, college is an ideal place to acquire specified knowledge of a particular major. When job application is taken into account, there is an indisputable fact that having a college degree would give applicants better advantages over other fellow aspirants.

The second reason for people going to college and university is the desire for new experiences. It is common knowledge that entering a college means turning over a new leaf of life. The academic environment at college is strikingly different from that at high school. Thanks to the flexibility of the policies for higher education, learners now have relative free will to decide their study methods as well as their choices of curriculum. Moreover, students should expect to manage their time wisely, since self-study will necessarily occupy a large part of their college experiences if they wish to perform well in exams and get high grades. Another important factor that distinguishes college/university from high school is the new sense of independence. There is now no teacher keeping an eye on students for every step that they take. Thus their study results will largely depend on their own determination.

Finally, more and more students are applying to colleges on the grounds that these educational institutions provide them with exceptional social experiences that are simply too difficult to be found (to find) elsewhere. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, colleges and the ways they are operated enable students to broaden their friendship and relationship networks. In addition, through a large number of social activities that many student-run clubs and organizations are currently offering, active participants can expect that their communication skills to improve dramatically. This, in return, will probably help the students build up their confidence and ultimately make them stand out in their future working environments.

In the light of the above discussion, I hold conviction that college/university is a crucial preparatory step into life. However, it is not to say that gaining a college degree alone can ensure students’ success. Other elements from the students’ personalities must also be given sound consideration so after graduation, they will become fully-developed citizens

One response to “TOPIC 1 – A recommended essay from a friend of mine

  1. I think the topic sentence of the 3rd paragraph is not appropriate. It makes readers confused that it and that of the 2nd one probably share the same idea (new experience vs exceptional social experience) meanwhile they don’t. I think mentioning networking or relationship building is a better choice for the topic sentence.

    Besides the flaw, I think your essay is quite interesting. Also, you can refer to instructions of TOEFL or IELTS books like Barron’s to make it more standard so that judges may feel easier to grade it with high mark.


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