TOPIC 2: Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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TOPIC 2: Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Family is the most basic living arrangement of the society. It is family where each individual is brought up, and provided with necessary skills to step into life; accordingly, I myself believe that parents are the best teachers. There are a host of reasons to clarify my point.

First of all, in my opinion, parents are the best teachers because they are our first teachers. Since we are born, we are nurtured by our parents, living in the kindness that they show us. We are taught to eat, taught to drink, to walk, to do everything to meet all of our basic needs by our parents. We tend to behave in the way our parents do without being fully aware of. There are also many creditable researches proving the profound impact of parents on the development of people in the first period of their life. For instance, one person’s kindness, honesty is attributable to the consideration of his or her parents. On the contrary, the person suffering from domestic violence may become reserved, unconfident or aggressive, and cruel.

Then, there is no disputing the fact that parents are the teachers who we spend a large proportion of time with. One may argue that the time children spending at school and society has increased substantially in the past decades. However, it is still disproportionate to the average amount of time we spend with our family. Parents have more than one way to teach their children or convey all the lessons that they believe to be necessary to the development of the children. Parents can instruct children directly by giving particular pieces of advice, reminding children of some lessons again and again, which sometimes may make their children feel annoyed, or just by sharing their own experiences. In addition, children can learn from parents in a passive way. To put it another way, people have a tendency to follow their parents’ manners, attitudes, behaviors, etc. The impacts that parents exert on their children are strongly durable along one person’s life even when their parents pass away.

One final point to make parents the best teachers is that they are the ones who understand us the most and of course, love us the most. Almost every parent has the best of intentions, in other words, they are ready to sacrifice, to dedicate everything to the happiness of their children. Because of the special bond between parents and children, the likelihood is that we learn more from our parents, to some extent, try to follow their courses of action, applying to our future life. We inherit not only particular lessons to apply to particular situation but also the ways to take approaches to almost all dimensions of our life. Life experience is also an important teacher, as some may argue; however, the ways we respond to experiences depend crucially on one’s education, nationality, religion, social background, and above all, family background.

Nowadays, families have changed dramatically, compared with those of many decades before, in accordance with the rapid changes in our society. Regardless of the fact that there are now more and more families becoming dysfunctional as parents do not spare enough time to pay attention to their children, parents still have great implications for the development of people, together with many other factors such as education, religion, social relationships.

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