TOPIC 3: : Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and example to support your answer.

Topic 3: Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and example to support your answer.

For the last century, the world has witnessed dramatic changes taking place in every respect of our lives, caused by the technology revolution. The revolution has altered the way people think, the way people work, study and even the way people eat. As a matter of fact, food has become easier to prepare, raising an argument: “ Has this change improved the way people lived?”. The answers lie in the following points.

Firstly, it is beyond the shadow of a doubt to say that the relatively easier preparation of food help people save a considerable amount of time. In the past, it might take your grandmother a whole afternoon to prepare a decent meal for the whole family. These days, fortunately, are long gone, thanks to the advent of many modern kitchen equipments, namely, microwave oven,  refrigerator, gas stove, and so on. Some people nowadays often take them for granted and they also find it difficult to imagine how their preceding generations could live without them. As a corollary of time-saving effect,  people now have more time for other works. Women are the ones who gain more benefits from these inventions. They now have more time to participate in social activities, resulting in the more increasingly equal role of women in the society in comparison to that of men. There, hence, exists no doubt to say that the easier food preparation is an important attribute to women liberation.

Then, food is not as difficult to prepare as it was in the past as the price paid for food has been reduced substantially. Long time ago, people often suffer from crop losses caused by natural disasters, in addition to the low productivity. This made the food become scarce, leading to the cut-throat price of food. Accordingly, many people coming from social disadvantaged sections even found it hard to afford for basic food. Many children reportedly suffered from malnutrition.  This situation, though still exists, have improved much at present. Owing to the revolution in agriculture, the productivity has been boosted. Farmers harvest much more yield from a certain unit of area by using many modern farming techniques. The increase in the amount leads to the decrease in price as well as the diversity of food. People now have more chances to enjoy a wide variety of food at lower price, which help them prepare for food without many difficulties.

One more point, however, relates to the drawback of the issue. Everything has both sunny side and rainy side, and the discussed issue is not an exception. Many critics has cited the abuse of pesticides, fertilizers, and other poisonous chemicals in agriculture for doing harm to the health of people. In the course of processing food, many producer, attracted by the huge profit, hence do not pay enough attention to the quality of food. For instance, they add many artificial additives or flavors to prolong the duration of food, make it more attractive to consume which is proved to have adverse effects on the health of the customers. On the other hand, hygiene is also in doubt as food now is manufactured in large quantity, which makes it difficult for the producers to keep track of food safety. Another typical example, convenience food, including fast food, soft drink, canned product, which is in many young people’s favor, also takes responsibility for many diseases such as obesity, heart diseases caused by the huge amount of calories contained in it. While enjoying a wider choice of food at the lower price, and greater convenience, people have to make a tradeoff with their health.

In conclusion, the change in the food preparation has both positive and negative impacts on our lives. However, it is obviously seen that the advantage outweighs the disadvantage. The increasing convenience in preparing food is one of the most important factors leading to the remarkable improvement in human life.

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