Could you live without the internet?

This question may be difficult for many young people to have an immediate answer. They may procrastinate to have some in-depth thinking about this question. Internet is considered to be one of the most important inventions of the last century, which attributes to the breakneck development of the society. Internet now becomes the inevitable, irreplaceable parts of many people.  For many young people, Internet is the heart and soul, they will feel hard to live without the Internet.

At first, I think that this is  not a taxing quetion for me as I have experienced a period of time with nothing like the existence of Internet. Last April, when I had to fulfil the compulsory military service in Xuan Hoa. The most modern thing here may be the mobile phone that I brought along, and my mobile phone is of the low-end of Nokia, which indicates that I do not have any means of getting accessed to Internet. This situation lasted for nearly one month and I still lived well at that time. Not only I but also my friends are surprised at this fact. If we were at home, we would find it easy to get bored when living without Internet and turning on the computer, browsing the web now are not merely the need but the habit. But in restropect, we no longer find it astonishing as how we can get round to getting accessed to Internet in the military base. We have a strict schedule arranged for us from early morning to the evening. From 5.30 a.m, we had to get up early to have physical exercises. Then go to class or go to the yard-pretended to be the real front line. A day full of brand new experience that make us forget about Internet or anything relating to the modern life. We found our true friendship, had more time to understand more about our friends in the real life. And I made friends with a lot of interesting friends, who I just had known in the cyber life. And I always remember of this wonderful time – when we eat, we sing, we play, we cry together. Internet has the magic spell to connect people from all over the world but it cannot help us understand as clearly about our buddies  as the real interaction does.

I also have passed through a week without Internet at the end of June. Many teenagers often make fuss of this situation, when they find the Internet connection does not work. They feel like being isolated from the rest of the world. I am not the exception. It is really frustrating when you turn on your PC, click at the symbol of Firefox and wait for more than 5 minutes to have the notice from the browser that “time out connection…”. However, this period is also the exception. I was not annoyed about the lack of Internet but thankful for this trouble. At that time, I had to brush up on for my exam in Philosophy-The Principles of Marxism. This subject doesn’t need any demanding requirement but the concentration for a short time to try to learn by heart all of this demanding theory. Thanks to Internet provider, I had enough time to learn this subject and get mark B-the result may be not satisfying though, however, it is much better in comparison to my classmates.

But this situation is not always easy to accept at all. In October, I had to prepare for a presentation in Macroeconomics. Failing to get accessed to Internet, I had no way to search for information regarding the issue that our group intended to present. And I also find it difficult to complete some of my projects to catch up with the deadline. And when my computer could receive the Internet signals, I was like a girl that had been starving for a long time, gobbled up as much as possible by clicking, clicking and clicking.

The real problem, which makes me toss and turn for long, is my ineffective way of exploiting the Internet. I often feel that I had something that cannot finished without turning on the PC, however, when I get into this attractive net, I seem to be hooked on it. I open Facebook, I check email, I log in my favorite forum to view the comments on what I comment the night before. I can be concentrated easily but sometimes I have to succumb to the temptation to do some other things. The result is out that I cannot do anything for 1 hour beside this machine.

And finally, it is still a question to address. Internet is important, really important. It connects people, helps disseminating knowledge. But it is also addictive, and it makes us become more obesed, unactive.  It is a friend but it is also a foe. It is your great assistant but also a sworn enemy. Therefore, be careful when you are sitting in front of the computer screen. Don’t let anything make you leave the right track.

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