What is something you believed in, until an experience changed your mind?

This is really a challenging topic. In this world, nothing holds true forever. Something that may be true in some circumstances will be proved to be wrong in other cases. You cannot say anything in advance. I have learnt this since I was very young. My friends often describe me as the bookworm, some one who is really conservative, prodigiously scrupulous, a wee bit stiff. Though I am  quite an amiable, and sociable girl, however, there are still something in my mind that make me alienated from the rest of my friends. For example, I am some kind of frugal people, I often have my mind checked carefully before making a decision on buying something. Nevertheless, I am frugal, which means I am careful about using money, not “mean” or “stingy”. I just want to make rational decision. I hate to have regretful feeling about the “white elephant” that I have bought. I am willing to spend money on something useful such as dictionaries, books,etc. whereas I hesitate to buy a beautiful coat or have a bottle of mineral water from the stand in a fair. Therefore, all of these speal volumes about my characteristics, a meticulous girl, whose mind are full of doubt about this world. I am also a day dreamer but I am willing to expect any impending situations to happen as well.

Where am I now? This is too verbose for an opening. Well, I will go directly into today’s question: What is something you believed in, until an experience changed your mind?

I often believe that life is not that difficult as my mother often says.  On seeing me absorbing in books or Internet, she often warns me that if I do not get more active, I will be left behind the ones who may not get as good study result as me. When I cannot complete any chore well, or in the right manner (in her idea), she will say this sentence over and over. I myself, however, do not appreciate it at all. To say “not appreciate” is not completely right, I admit that it somehow has some value, nonetheless, I think it can not be applied to my situation. I am a student, who has get involved in a lot of extracurricular activities, and not kind of bookworm, as I have been exposed to many hard tasks at both school and home. Living through many years of stringent financial strait, I learn how to live practically. Therefore, if I make any mistake, I frequently do not take it serious, just think that the situation will be improved next time. And when my mother got under an extremely malign disease, I startes to take charge of a lot of work in my family.  Especially, in Tet Holiday(traditional holiday of Vietnamese), I saw a mountain of work up to my eyes. And I made a great amount of mistakes, of course. Since then, I realize that the real life is somehow difficult to manage and getting off the text books helps me gain a lot of valuable experience. I learn economics at school but I do not manage to buy goods at the right price. Sometimes, I was reprimanded by my mother because of buying pricey goods or goods of low quality. Sometimes, I was reproached for not being careful in my duties, or not arranging works in the right priority. Books are not everything. With the benefit of hindsight, I realize that it is necessary for me to spend time outside the house, far from the abstract theori

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