Love you, Mom!

I have not written any post for quite a long time. I do not intend to go back on my promise, which is sparing decent time for writing blog. However, a lot of events have happened to me for the last month. The most influential person in my life up to now – my mother has left me for the heaven. Best wishes for her. I will try my best to perform well at school and live well. Though she no longer existed in this life, her influences on my personality, the lessons that she tried to teach me still have enduring impacts on me. Sometimes, it is still hard for me to accept the fact that she has gone away and I will not have chance to meet her, to listen to her lessons, to talk to her about everything at school. I cannot help crying when looking back, when recalling all the beautiful memories I have had with my mother.  My mother was the kindest person in my life. She dedicated all of her efforts to the family. She accepted to work as a manual worker to earn money when my family got into financial difficulties. She sacrificed her own pleasure, doing everything that she could for our better future.

All good things come to the end, don’t they? However, keep moving forward. Life still continues. Yes, we were born to try!


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