A day full of joy, full of laugh ——-> We’re all in this together!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEEPRO 2011 - Annual English speaking contest of English Club of Foreign Trade University

I get home now, sitting in front of the screen of my computer, however, the joyful atmosphere of today still appears somewhere, no, everywhere, to be exact, in my mind.

Today, I had a training session, a rehearsal with my beloved friends in English Club of Foreign Trade University. We are preparing for the biggest event of the year : BEEPRO. BEEPRO is an English speaking contest, in which the contestants have the chance to show their ability of presenting, and debating in English. In Vietnam, there have been a lot of English contests recently, however, it is worth bearing in mind that there is only a debate contest like this, here, in Foreign Trade University, which always makes me feel proud of.

About BEEPRO, there are loads of things to say. The first BEEPRO was held in 2008, and we have passed 3 BEEPROs, and we are about to hold the 4th one. Year by year, the program becomes more and more professional and attracts a lot of excellent teams coming from not only domestic universities and high schools but also the foreign ones.  I cannot help being proud of our program. It is run by students, created by students. We create the format of the program, we think of the topics and motions for teams to debate, we rent the location and other necessary materials, we design the poster, the website, we do everything relating to it. It is really something to be proud of, isn’t it? I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons, have the chance to work with a lot of talented people. The talented I mean here is my friends-other members of EC-FTU, the contestants –  you can not imagine the speed at which they make a rebuttal on the motions and topics given to these audiences, the senior – EC alumni….. Learn how to make plan, learn how to manage time, how to connect with the others. All of these are transferable skills. Yes, they are really trensfered. It is EC that makes me become a more responsible one, more energetic, more dynamic.

Today, we have a training session with all members in EC and the contestants. We run  the program, we worry about the progress that the program will go on. We sing with the contestants. Yes “We’re all in this together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About the contestants this year

1) ACLass -Two lovely girls coming from Foreign Language Specialized High School. They are really talented. 16 years old, born 1995. It is unbelievable. Their competitors are all at least 3 years older than them. However they seem not to show any sign of scare. Their arguments are really pursuasive and their English ability is really awesome!!!!!

2) Crockat: A girl coming from Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, and a boy coming from Foreign Trade University. Their English skills are, of course, excellent. However, they do not show much during the training sessions. Potential debaters:-?

3) Wing and a Prayer: A girl comes from University of Language and International Studies(ULIS), Vietnam National University. A boy comes from Doan Thi Diem High School, however, he is at the same age as the girl. They turn out to be mystery, awkward. Sometimes, I do not get a clue  of what they plan to do at all. They discuss in English everywhere, their behaviours, how to say, are up and down, again and again.

4) Phivie: My favorite team 😀 I still remember their introduction:)) They come on stage, state “Two countries, one team” No more, no less=)) And they come back to their stand immediately, which makes all of us surprised. Their performance shown in the training sessions is really impressive. A boy called Tran Ha Duong is a student just coming back from Singapore, and his team mate is Ernest Dean Dulay Evasco, an internee coming from Philippines.  They really rocks. How to say, they appear naturally, cheering up all of us. Hope they will shine on stage tomorrow.

5) Twisters: They are the classmates of the last BEEPRO finale. They come from ULIS too. Two cute girls:D

For all of the readers who do not know what BEEPRO is, and do not even know anything about EC-FTU, why don’t have a search on Google with keywords such as BEEPRO, EC-FTU , or visit our website:


It is not an advertising article. It is just a post to show my love toward my beloved EC, my beloved BEEPRO.

BEEPRO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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