In the middle of stress

I just want to write something after a hardworking, and to say, crazy day with all stuffs to prepare for the final exam. Exams are always something that punishing and tiring.They are interesting if you are well-prepared enough and confident about your knowledge. However,for me, especially at this time, it is really tiring and somehow frightening.

Why are students often afraid of exams?

Exam-phobia is something that is common with almost every students in this world. If you say that you are not afraid of exams, you are a liar:D It is exam which helps assessing what you have gained after 1 lesson, after 1 semester, after school-years. We are afraid of getting bad mark, afraid of letting your parents be upset. We are afraid of being left behind our peers. We are afraid of the bad mark preventing us from getting good jobs with high salary scheme in the future.

Even though I have passed more than hundreds of exams in my life, I still feel intimidated when facing exams coming up.

I have 7 subjects to deal with in this semester:

1. Accounting principles: a demanding one with a lot of  figures. A mistake will cost you a lot.

2. International economics: I do not know how to gobble up all these kinds of stuffs. Yes, it is “stuffs”, as my lecturer often says. Ricardo, Heckscher-Ohlin, tariffs. A lot of theories and facts to remember.

3.  Econometrics: it is the subject which is often considered the most difficult that a university student have to learn.

4. Microeconomics: It is much more amiable than the ones above, however, it is dangerous to be complacent about what I have now.

5. Macroeconomics: open-book exam. I am really curious about the test.

6. Statistics in Business: Hope to get the best result in this subject.

7. History of Communist party of Vietnam: It is interesting when it comes to the history relating to Vietnam war or something like that. It is boring when you have to learn by heart all the facts and figures, all kinds of policies applied over a period of time.


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