“What I have done?”, “Live high” and “Touch the sky”

Touch the sky

This post may resonate you with famous songs sung of Linkin Park, Jason Mraz and Arvil Lagvine. However, in this post I do not mean to mention these songs or anything I mention here does not relate to the content of them. This post is just something for me to make a revision of what I have gained or the progress I have made in the last school year. (But I was really surprised when finding out these keywords coinciding with these titles of these songs=)) All of them are my favorite ones, maybe, it comes out naturally  by accident.)

I have finished my second year at the university and I am not a sophomore anymore. I have six weeks to take a summer break before I continue my student life as a junior. In the last school year, there are many significant events that have happened in my life. I have learnt more important lessons, met more inspiring people, which both exert profound impact on my life.

  • After finishing the first year at the university, I was eager to welcome the first summer of a university student. I, in fact, at that time did not have any particular plan. Going far away from home with friends, enjoying the beautiful scenery in faraway land sound strange to me. My family does not get the habit of going somewhere in the summer as many families of my friends. Sometimes, I feel envious of this, however, it is just the temporary feelings as I understand that my financial situation does not allow us to enjoy something like that. It is still fine when I have holiday in my hometown, or in my own residential area with the other children. We play football, play in the field, or play any traditional games designed by our ancestors for thousand years. In the recent years, when the neighborhood has been turned to the new urban area, we also take pleasure of waking around Van Quan Lake every afternoon. Okay, it is enough for you to have a general picture of how my summers are like. Nothing special until now. Come back to the last summer. It is the most terrible summer in my life. To say for exact, it is the worst. When I was attending the final exam, my mother felt weaker and weaker. She went to the hospital to have medical check-up, and found out that she had suffered from lung cancer. This is still a shock to my family even when she has left me for the heaven. I was not poised to deal with this situation. Though I had gone to the market with my mother, had been taught to prepare the meal for the whole family for many times, however, to me, it was still a relatively new experience. It is not difficult to go tot the market to buy food, nonetheless, it is challenging when it comes to taking consideration of your budget. As I have learnt from Microeconomics, consumers always have to make choices between baskets of goods, in the ways by which they can get the most utilities. To do this, you have to determine where your inference curve for goods is tangent to your budget constraint. It seems to be an easy task in microeconomics because all of this has been made into equation, graphs. But now in the real life, we do not have only 2 kinds of goods to choose as it is in the microeconomics model. In the real life, the market is not perfectly competitive. In the real life, the price is not some kind of transparent as it is in the textbook. And more importantly, when you go to the market, you, as a student, who is still financially dependent on your parents, you will buy the foods according to the budget constraint of your parents,and the indifference of all of your family. Sometimes, I bought too much, sometimes, I did not get enough food for the meal. I was reprimanded a lot by my mother. She had good intention when doing this and I never blamed my mother for this. (In fact, at the moment, I really desire to hear her keep reminding me of cleaning the bedroom, cooking the meal again and again.) Another things that make the real markets differ from what we have learnt at schools is that its transparency. Maybe in the advanced countries where Internet is applied more in the market, the situation is better. However, in Vietnam, as price is not unified, or it still fluctuates dramatically over the time, or the expected inflation is still somehow unpredictable, we have to get used to bargaining. I am not excellent at making a bargain. I have made some successful bargain and my consumer surplus has risen for some times. Occasionally, I have to play the role of a price taker and when I come back home, I find that I have bought this item at the cut-throat price. It is worse when I bought an item at the lower price than the common price in the market, but with the quality which is far far below the standard.:( The interesting, crazy, salutary,etc. experiences I have gained while going to the market seem to be surmountable.  Suddenly, this makes me call back an article written on Hoa Hoc Tro in the past. This article came up with the result of a research, which point out the correlation between the frequency you do the housework with your level of confident. It is, of course, a positive relationship. Confronted more with the real-life situation, you will be more confident when dealing with your own problem. This hard time has taught me a lot, brought me with a lot of first-hand experiences.
  • After the summer, I came back to school with a punishing schedule in comparison with the one of last school year. 10 subjects and a lot of time spent at school. In the first week, I was extremely exhausted. However, I still tried my best because I do not want to get bad marks. And when I get bad marks, my mother would be sad, and at that time, when she got this serious disease, she would think that she is the burden of the family and I was afraid that she would give up in the battle with the Death. My mother is a strong woman. She is always the strongest woman in my heart. She had tried so much to win the disease, she did not want me and my sister to be worried. It was my mother, who always consoled me. She tried to teach me everything I may need in my life., tried to make me understand, remember loads of lessons that help me to go on with my life without her help. Her way of struggling with diseases is really inspiring. I love her more, I am proud of my mom, proud of her spirit when dealing with the Death.
  • In these dispiriting days, I have to thank my friends for their support. Without my love – Class A6 with honor – Batch48 – Foreign Trade University, I cannot imagine how I would be.  It is my friends who help me escape from all of the sorrow, who make me understand the value of friends in one person’s life. Life without friends as sucks. Thanks to my friends of secondary school, they always appear at the right time to console me. When I feel really autism in the Tet holiday, to my surprise, they dropped on my house, sharing all of the stories and we had unforgettable time together.

I have gained the first scholarship in my time at the university. This scholarship is really rewarding for all of the efforts I had expended on studying. I hope that my mom in the heaven knows this and I am sure she will be very proud of me as usual. Sometimes, this achievement gives rise to a sense of surprise in my mind. In the first year, when there were only 3 or 4 or 5 subjects, why I cannot get the scholarship:-? There are some reasonable explanations which may help clarifying this phenomenon:

Firstly, it is due to my ability to perform better under pressure. 10 subjects, of course bring me with a lot of challenges in comparison with 5 subjects. At that time, as I have said above, I did not want to let my mother feel dispirited. I always talk to myself: I can, I can, I can, Yes, I can blah,…

Secondly, this year’s subjects are much more interesting. I found myself intrigued by economics. I was totally interested in learning Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Money- Banking. I love to learn all of these subjects in English. It is really strange to most students when they see students from Honor class going to school with the super-thick books.  The text-books written by prominent writers prove to be much more interesting and intelligible. They are furnished with a lot of examples, case study, which are still in lack in Vietnamese text-books. The way the issues are linked to is really persuasive and, how to say, humorous.  I can help laughing when seeing some pictures sketched in the Principle of economics written by G. Mankiw. The theory, which is difficult to understand when you see Vietnamese textbook, seems to be more comprehensible with less effort in English textbook.

Thirdly, I started to find out more about the scholarship opportunities for the graduates and know that the first and foremost requirement for applicants of any prestigious scholarship is the flying-color GPA. Fortunately, I have known about this requirement early and I still had time to improve my study result. Can you believe, I have gained 3.62/4, categorized in excellent students. I love this change. And I find that I love studying. I have the objective and I have accomplished. In the first year, I got B for the boring subjects such as Philosophy. However, I got A for the subject of Hochiminh Ideology. I hope I will get an A in this semester for the subject of Policies of Vietnam Communist Party. :))

  • I have met much more new friends. I get acquainted with 2 Chinese friends, named Wu Jiechan and Ling Xiaoqun. We have talked a lot about the difference between Vietnam and China, the beauty of Vietnam or the life in FTU. Jiechan seems to be more open-minded than Xiaoqun. She wants to learn a lot of Vietnamese words. We have to use both Vietnamese, Chinese and English to understand what each other says. Sometimes, we even have to resort to sign language. Unforgettable memory with them:D Though the relationship between China and Vietnam seems to get worsen recently, I still hope our friendship will not be undermined. I also get acquainted with more friends when my English Club organized BeePro. 2 cool guys from Phivie, 2 experienced seniors from Twisters, 2 cute girls of AClass, somehow strange Wings and A Prayer, and the weird Crockat=)) A lot friends from Honor Class of my faculty. In the first year, I just know their names, but now, I talk with them like I have known them for years. It is really wonderful, isn’t it?
  • One more unforgettable thing is BEEPRO 2011 of EC-FTU. It is unnecessary to say about it. Please read my previous note for more details;)) Are you ready for BEEPRO next year:D >:D<

This year, I am not sure if there is any more sorrow, any more trouble. But I believe I am stronger than I was a year ago. And I will get stronger and stronger because I always have my family and my friends around.

“Live high and touch the sky”😀

And summer is around the corner \(^o^)/(<==my favorite emoticon, which means: try my best:D )

Hello summer

Hello summer

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