To be a writer

To be a writer is not an easy job. I have realized this fact for nearly ten years when my work submitted to the magazine for teenagers was continuously rejected. As a little girl, I have dreamt of being a famous writer and a prominent diplomat at a same time. I desire of writing something that can help introducing Vietnam to the world, making the children from all over the world have a good will to Vietnam

However, I also realize the fact that my writing is often not that good enough. At school, I used to be chosen as one of the students to attend the competition for excellent students in Literature. Fortunately, I always won prize in Literature in every competition I have attended. Nonetheless, winning a prize in Literature cannot help prove your ability to be a proficient writer in the future, especially in Vietnam, where the creativity is not at the top of the agenda of the examiners.

I started my career in literature when I was a 5-year-old girl. You may say that I have made up the stories however it is the truth. I remember my first literature piece was a poem, written after I had come back from my hometown in Hanam. In the way back home, while seeing the beautiful scenery, my soul was full of some kind of emotion, and I start to make some verse with the assistant of my mother. Hereafter is my first poem, in Vietnamese, though. I will try to make a brief summary of the content=))

Về thăm quê

Trên đường đê

Đàn bò vàng

Xếp hàng gặm cỏ

Con đứng trước

Con đứng sau

Tranh nhau gặm cỏ

Đồng lúa bát ngát

Cây bạch đàn cao chót vót

Nhìn chỗ xa hơi đẹp nhưng mà hơi mờ

Em yêu quá

Đồng quê em

Khi đi về

Đoàn tàu chạy

Xịch xịch tu tu

Quê em rất là xa…

The poem is just to help describe all the awesome things that I saw on the way home  such as the oxes, the clouds, the train. Nothing special but it was described by a 5-year girl and I find it somehow interesting. Everything in a little girl’s eyes seem to be simple but lovely and pure.

When I was at secondary school. I was fascinated with the stories of an author called Nguyen Nhat Anh. He is a famous writer for children. His stories are often compelling and if you start to read one of them, you can not leave this book for anything. His characters are often students with diversified characteristics. The storyline is often full of amazing factors and his ability to describe the feeling of the character is also excellent. Most students like Nguyen Nhat Anh’s stories and even though we have grown up now, his stories are still interesting. Whenever we read his books, it resonates with our beautiful childhood. Coming back to my story, it is the difficulty of being a writer. I had tried to imitate his style, his ways of describing his character. I also build my characters with the same characteristics with his. However, imitating brings no good. It just turned my stories into a botched work. I bitterly realized that emulating somebody’s writing style can not make your story interesting. After that, I tried writing a lot of literary genres such as children’s literature or scientific fiction. However, I can not generate any original idea and my literary works are just the copies of others. Eventually, I found out that it is not an easy job that everybody can do. Writers must be endowed with some kind of flair to write such beautiful literary work.

While it is still difficult to generate ideas for writing, I will try writing blogs, reading, and understanding the beauty of literature.♥


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