Do universities have much to do with your future?

Recently,  I have worried much about my future career. By accident, I have read a note written by a recent graduate on Facebook, she expresses her anxiety of finding a good job after graduating from university. The problem in which students who just graduate from schools is not rare, at least as I have seen in the newspaper everyday. I have browse through some articles, telling stories of the bachelor who ends up with sitting on the lane and selling beverage. Will my life end up like this? This is a story of a student from a private university in Vietnam. In contrast to the USA, where private universities are often associated with better quality, in Vietnam, students from state-owned universities are often appreciated much more than those from the private ones. In most banks, they even state clearly in the requirements for applicants that only students from famous universities such as Foreign Trade University, National Economics University, or Banking Academy, etc.  I am a student from Foreign Trade University and sometimes I feel a little bit reassured when seeing such requirements on vacancy announcements. However, I know that it does not mean that we take a huge edge over my peers coming from private ones. The competition on the labor markets seem to be fairer and fairer. Especially when you attend a recruitment programme of a foreign company. They seem to put all applicants in a leveled playing field. Regardless of your universities, the main determinants of being recruited or not lie in your performance through loads of rounds such as screening, interview, IQ test, etc. You may say that your universities will help you eliminate a lot of rivals on the way to get the jobs. It is true up to some extent, however, it is not as easy as this. Personally, I think the CV that helps demonstrate all of your abilities as well as your working experiences  is the most important factor leading you to the next round. And even you are a student of famous university, if you cannot do your best before other applicants in the interview round or IQ tests, that you are eliminated is not surprising. Sometimes, I am in awe of some people who are not the graduate of reputed universities but are offered good jobs by huge corporations. Therefore, it is worth bearing in mind that winning a place in one of the top universities does not guarantee a job with high salary scheme in the future.

Now I come back to my anxiety. Anxiety is not proper to describe my feelings. My feelings are not as terrible as this. It is  somehow still vague and I am optimistic that I can get a good jobs right after graduating, or even before graduating if I perform better and better in my next 2 years at the universities. Universities, as I mention before as not the significant factors in labor markets, nonetheless, still affect your chances of getting satisfactory jobs in some indirect ways. I have to say grateful thank to my university for a lot of wonderful things it have brought to me. Yes, I’m in love with my university. How does my university contribute to my life?

  • First, as you know, Foreign Trade University is one of the top universities in Vietnam. To be a student of FTU, you must pass the national college entrance exam with high marks. The desire of studying in FTU has been fueled in my mind since I was a student of grade 7. Though my university is not perfect at all, there still exist a lot of dismerits or sometimes you may get riled with some procedures, but in comparison with other universities, it is of better quality.  In this university, I have the chance to study with many talented ones. They are often good both at studying and extracurricular activities. I do not know the time since which I get into the habit of reading articles relating to successful FTU-ers and take pride in them. Studying with such talented people motivate me to move forward to keep up with them. In FTU, nothing is the same from the beginning to the end. In this semester you may win the scholarship but it is not sure that you still get one in the next semester. In this environment, you have be indefatigable, and steadfast in reaching the top. However, it does not mean that our life is just full of competition. The competitions are not made into something negative.  We still have good friends all around, who are willing to help you with your study so that all of us can make progress. Sharing is caring and I love our friends for their sharing of studying materials without hesitating. It is the reason why we still can not get off Facebook in the exam as you will miss something important in your preparation for the exam.
  • Second, I learn a lot by participating in extracurricular activities. I learn  a lot from the senior in my club or from others. I start to know about networking as well as improve my transferable skills such as time-management skills, or leadership skills. The success of the predecessors are really awe-inspiring. Almost all graduates I know get a good job at the first time, and many of them win a place in many large companies. I appreciate the chance to have a talk with them. Just the normal talks about life, study and activities but they usually bring about a lot of useful lessons for me in my future careers. And more importantly, I gain many first-hand experiences while taking part in such activities. EC-FTU has trained me much as I was exposed to many works which are challenging and exacting.
  • Third, it is the teachers that inspire me a lot. There are still a proportion of teachers I do not like much but maybe I am lucky to be taught by many interesting teachers. They not only teach us about theories in the textbook but also enlighten our minds with their own experiences.
  • Some people keep blaming in universities for halting their creativeness or development or at least contribute nothing to their future careers. Definitely, it is wrong. It is just the matter of viewpoint. And from the bottom of my heart, I want to say that I love my university and I really want to go to school to enjoy the feeling of happiness, of studying, playing all the stuff as a typical student.

Universities are one of the important determinants.  But as I have noted above, it is not sufficient to get a good job. But I am always proud of this school and want to say thank for every good thing it brings to my life.

Foreign Trade University – Proud of you!

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