Creative writing – Prompt 3

Sometimes, it is difficult to start a new post on WordPress, therefore, I try to find some prompts provided on the Internet. This time, I get accessed to a website named Creative Writing Prompts, and I find some really interesting but challenging prompts.

Today, I choose the prompt numbered 3, which is:

The dictionary atop your shelves has more than 200,000 words defined. Why don’t you blow off some of the dust on its cover and randomly pick out 10 words. Don’t look at the meaning, just concentrate on the words. Write down those words on a (blank) sheet of paper. Now you are going to have fun creating the meanings for those words. What do the words make you think of? What do you think should they mean?

It is really a compelling topic. These are 10 words that I choose by accident.

1. Sleepwalk: It is not difficult to get out the meaning from this word. It is used to refer to some kind of mental disorder, in which people even walk when they are deemed to be sleeping. In fact they can not control themselves. They may get up at the midnight, walking out the streets when they are sleeping. To explain it more exactly, it is necessary to resort to medical terms. I have read some articles, in which many stories about sleepwalker have been told. Some people, in the sleepwalk, may do something that is impossible to almost every conscious ones. They may climb on the top of the tree, or stand on the top of the tower. Some even go far way from home, get a new job and get married. It is unbelievable and more investigation is required to conduct on this phenomenon.

2. coolabah: It makes me think of something really cool and people cannot find any more suitable words to express this state of mind. It is just so cool. Or may be it is an informal way to say “cool”.^^ As in Vietnam, when we want to emphasize the strength of one adjective, we often make it longer and repeat the vowels or the consonants.

3. perquisite: Something that is compulsory, mandatory. As it looks nearly like requisite therefore I think its meaning will be somehow the same as this word.

4. sitting duck: a duck which is sitting. So stupid the meaning:)) It must refer to other meaning such as a person of no use.

5. pressing: I think that this word is an adjective, used to describe a situation in which it is under high pressure. Something which is really stressing and strenuous.

6. nosey=nosy: adjective derived from the noun “nose”. I do not think it is used to describe something that belongs to nose as it usually does with other adjectives derived from noun. It is used to define the kind of people who try to get involved in other people’s business, even when they are not allowed to do.

7. soundalike: a combination of words ” sound” and “alike”. It is soundalike that … Well I suppose its meaning is similar to “seem”.

8. treble: treble – trouble. Its way of pronouncing just resonate with this meaning.

9. lickspittle: English is really an amazing language and had it been for this prompt, I would never find out these awkward words for the rest of my life, at least for my next study at school in the next 5 years. Lick and spit, just one means of eating.

10. sweetmeat: Meat which is mixed with sugar.

11.sure-footed: I really have no idea about this word. It may be similar to steady or unchanged, used to describe the determination of people.

12. scribbler: I suppose its meaning relates to scribe. Scribe is a host for uploading documents and e-book. Hence, I think scribbler is the people who are responsible for saving documents.

At first, it seems to be an interesting game, however, after picking randomly some words and adding the definition for them, I sometimes feel this work is really flagging. English vocabulary is extremely abundant and I do not know if an English man can use all of these stuff in his life. Some interesting words, though , have been found in the process of random pickup and I hope it will be of effective use for me in the future, when I deal with my writing.

Now it’s time for checking. All definitions here are taken from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 7th edition.

1. sleepwalk: [v] to walk around while you are asleep. Its formal word is som nambulist. The latter sounds like Korean words^^.

2. coohlabah = coohlibah: [n] an Australian tree that produces strong hard wood. It is not “so cool” as I suppose.

3. perquisite:It has two meanings.

a. =perk

b. (~of Sb) something to which Sb has a special right because of their social position.

4. sitting duck: a funny word: = sitting target: a person or thing that is easy to attack. My meaning is a person of no use. Maybe person of no use is easy to be attacked^^.

5. pressing:

[adj] a. needing to be dealt with immediately = urgent

b. difficult to refuse or ignore: E.g: a pressing invitation

6. nosy: [adj] too interested in things that do not concern you, especially other people’s affairs. In this case, I have the right answer.

7. soundalike: a person who sounds very similar to sb who is famous.

8. treble: [n] a. the high tones or part in music or sound system.

b. a child’s high voice

c. three successes in a row: used in horse competition

Eventually, it has nothing to do with trouble.

9. lickspittle: [n] (disapproving) a person who tries to gain the approval of an important person.

10. sweetmeat: it is not meat mixed with sugar but it is just a sweet/candy or any food preserved in sugar.

11. sure-footed: [adj]

a. not likely to fall when climbing or walking on rough ground

b. confident and unlikely to make mistakes especially in difficult situations.( I like this sense.)

12. scribbler: [n] (humorous or disapproving) a journalist, an author or a writer. It partly relates to book however not the librarian as I think at first.

Listing the meanings of these words is also a hard work. However, I have the chance to learn some new words. And do you know even American also get confused with this vocabulary. I will give you a video to prove this fact. It is a clip made by Charlie, a famous person on YouTube. Charlie – an English plays a game with Michael – a friend of his, who comes from America. Their game is similar to what I have done. Charlie gave some words -mostly awkward words in dictionary and made Michael define them. Michael, at a lot of words, can not exact the meanings for the words. Even American cannot learn all the words defined in dictionary.

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