It is great to finish something!

It is not difficult to start something. You may get excited at the first time when you get down to writing a post, reading a book, or planning for a project.

But it is really difficult for most of us to finish what we have done.

Sometimes, on the way of pursuing the success, you can not maintain the enthusiasm, which get you involved in the stuff you are trying at the first place.

The reasons are various.

You find it difficult and boring. Everything seems easy at first, however, its attractiveness will be reduced by the time in parallel to your enthusiasm. You find no good result that can be generated from this.

You find others to be more challenging and attractive. You drop the current job to shift to the others, which seem to be attractive at first sight too. And then you, once again, lose your determination, and find the more attractive and compelling ones. Day by day, you get hooked in this vicious cycle and can not make your way get out of this. And sadly, day by day, you find yourself still stand at the start line when your friends have advanced in their career ladder.

Therefore, I must say it is such a great feeling to be able to finish something.

I am trying to start and finish something, even it is just simple job in comparison with what friends have done.

Try to start to write a post and finish it with high level of satisfaction. It does not mean that you just write it in kind of casual manner, or in passing, but at least you have to invest something in it.

Try to read an article and finish it. It is the dismerit of Internet that there are a lot of information and thank (or due) to the multi-tabs created by the internet browser, you can read a lot at the same time. And I find it a shame that I rarely read and understand fully the content of an article. I shift from tab to tab and read in hurry. In a hurry for nothing.

Try to write a decent page of Chinese characters.

Try to finish a CV for a company before paying attention to other piece of vacant post advertised on newspaper. Today I have finished one. How happy and content I am!

Start, concentrate, and finish! Finish doesn’t mean put an end to everything. In this sense, it means that you are always on the move. If you are able to finish, you will be more self-motivated in the future.

It is great to reach the Finish Line!

2 responses to “It is great to finish something!

  1. Like this. I also had the feeling of changing from things to things due to my gradually decreasing enthusiasm :). However now, I’ve learned that perseverance play a huge row in generating excellence. Like the way you write too.


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