Rabbits on the run – Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton, promotional photo

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This is the first post in which I will express my love to the latest album of Vanessa Carlton. She is not the most favorite singer of mine. To me, she is the same as Marie Digby or Rosi Golan, Taylor Swift, a little bit less favored than Jay Chou, Stefanie Sun or Delta Goodrem, Jason Mraz. However, every time when I have the chance passing by her music, her music often left tremendous impression on my mind. I am not an expert in music, as I find it difficult to distinguish genres from genres. According to my way of categorizing, there are often 3 kinds of music: The bad one, the good one and the excellent one. The bad is to contain all kind of garbage existing on television, with nonsense lyric, cheap dance and scandal attached along to the singers. It is not difficult to find out some of them on many well-known music channels such as MTV, or some local channels. I used to be a kind of fan, who fell in love with the songs favored by almost teenagers. The difference happens when I become more mature. I feel allergic to kind of hiphop on MTV. I think that popular music is gradually stepping on the well-trodden path. Nothing special but sex, violence and more and more taboos are added to the lyric. My ideal song is the one with beautiful melody as well as meaningful lyric. And in my opinion, Vanessa Carlton deserves more attention from music fans than the hot chicks on TV.

It is the reason why I love Jay Chou, Marie Digby, Vanessa Carlton,Rosi Golan or Delta Goodrem as their songs are often filled with harmonic and memorable melody, the lyrics seem to have them express all their true feelings and they are somehow really touching.

Come back to the topic. New album of Vanessa contains 11 tracks. In general, I think there is no breakthrough made in this album. The kind of music here is still the same as her previous albums. Gentle voice with kind of soft music and lyrics filled with her own thoughts. However, it’s enough for an amateur listener like me. This album has really made my night. I listen to it over and over, searching for lyrics to understand more about the feelings of the singer. Not to mention the melody, I want to say about the lyrics.

The one that I find impressed the most is “I don’t want to be a bride.” Simple ideas, not to say old-fashioned one as the girl doesn’t insist her boyfriend on such kind of materials, but in her song, all words seem to be fresh.

I don’t need a house on a hill, swing on a tree
Grandfather clock, porcelain for tea
A garden with rose and jasmine
Gonna get drunk on a bottle of wine
No better way to pass the time
Forever by your side

or the verse from “Carousel

And all I hear is the music
And beauty stands before me
And love comes back around again
It’s a carousel, my friend
It’s in the music

A garden with rose and jasmine makes me recall her song “Nolita Fairytale” with her dream “want a garden by the ocean tide”.

Beautiful songs made beautiful night. Why don’t you try listening and discovering? I am sure it will be a brand-new taste for your music menu. Get out such kind of ordinary stuff on MTV and let the music fill our mind.

Rabbits on the run - Vanessa Carlton

Click on the image to listen to the whole album. Enjoy it!

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