First week of the new semester [Part 1]

Study hard - Head for new semester!

I officially became a junior on August 8, 2011. It is really amazing to realize that I have finished a half of a university student’s life and now I am entering into the last half. Something has made me a little bit frustrated in the summer when I found out that my friends have done a lot of stuff in this summer and I seem to be the only one spending most of my vacation staring at computer screen. The first week of this semester comes with no great surprise baring the appearance of some German students in my class. Both of them are exchange students in my university and they will study here in a semester. I am not sure about what kind of knowledge they can get from FTU, but hope they will be satisfied with this new cultural experience.

A brief of my impression in the first week

Monday, 8/8/2011

I came into class of Basic English , realizing the fact that there is no classmate of mine studying here. The saving grace may be some friends from other classes I have already known before and the teacher, according to the information got through grape vine, is interesting and professional. This semester, we stop learning the stuff of Market Leader and turn to IELTS speaking and listening.

The same applied to the class of English for Specific Purpose. IELTS is also the main thing that we learn in English. And in this class, reading and writing are the main skills. My first test with reading is not bad, with the result of 35/40, which is equal to 8./9. It is not a bad result given the fact that I haven’t learnt IELTS for more than 1 year. Hope that I will stay this way till the end of this semester.

Public Economics, not much impression. So so!

Tuesday, 9/8/2011

A German girl sat in my class. When I came into class, this fact was really noticeable and she seemed to be a little bit unfamiliar with others as she sat alone in the class. I could not resist the temptation to approach her and ask something. The class is really boisterous as we have come back from the summer holiday and everybody has loads of things to say. (Even when we have learnt for some weeks, this atmosphere still exists). Hence, it is difficult to make a conversation without repeating something. Her name is Anna, 24 years old (I was quite amazed at this fact, and she seemed to be more surprised at knowing that I am just 19 years old.) She took Environmental Economics this semester with us, and it is a wrong decision as English speaking of the lecturer is damn terrible. I đi not have any concept of this one as I can not concentrate on her sporadic way of speaking.

In the afternoon, I attended a class of Fundamental of Marketing, conducted in Vietnamese. Learning by mother tongue seems to be working as it is much easier to understand some facts in your own language than trying to understand in other languages. This semester, I decide to attend some classes which is not available in my curriculum. I just want to experience other fields such as Finance, Accounting, and Marketing, from which, I can gain some ideas relating to my future career. I was a little bit intimidated when realizing my knowledge of economics and finance is of low level and what a shame:(

I will continue with part 2. Just churn out some things that popped up in my mind and have not fine-tuned yet.

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