Where will I be in the future?

In the recent days, I often think much about my career, my future. Becoming a junior of a university and the fact that there is not much time left from now till graduating make me start thinking seriously what I can do in the future. These days, I often come back home, complaining to my father, expressing my worry about my major, my career. Sometimes, my father said I seemed to be righteous in recent days. But he may not know that it is just my reaction of being frustrated, and confused.

What lead me to this situation? Everything seems to be tangled when I found out that my knowledge relating to economics, finance or banking is of nothing compared with my peers at university. I feel awed by many excellent students, who can present with confidence about what happen on stock market, or macroeconomics circumstances, the new decisions from the state bank, which is somewhat unfamiliar to my limited knowledge. I even do not read a book decently, and bitterly find out the enormous amount of books that my friends have passed by. Though I know it is the matter of passion but finding the passion is something that I have to do now. My passion, Chinese and movies, does not have much to do with the thing I have learnt at school, even though I am proud that I can comprehend some Chinese entertainment articles of intermediate level. Maybe it is the saving grace for my passing 2 years at university.

Taking 3 courses in economics this semester: Environmental Economics, Development Economics, and Public Economics. One course in International Trade Policy and one course in Corporate Finance. The course in Finance is the one I find the most interesting and I really wish that I had the chance to learn more about financial market and financial institution. It is the reason why I take some classes which are not available in my curriculum such as Financial Risk Management, Stock Market Analysis, etc. Just try to find out my passion.

My father says that it is no use worrying as students graduating from my major are often appreciated on the labor market, and they also skip to many fields which are not linked to the major they took at school. It is the truth but it is not enough to make me reassured. We learn a lot of thing but do not specialize in anything, which, on the one hand, it trains students with the flexibility, the versatility, but n the other hand, students may be exposed to the risk that they know everything but do not understand fully anything. I want to be a specialist in anything, but not the one who know a lot but can not know how to turn this kind of knowledge into use. I start to think some ways for my life.

  • An accountant – as I like this subject a lot. A course relating to accounting is what I need if I want to work in this field.
  • An employee in banks. I do not have any ideas relating to the stuff that a banker does. As I know from a senior, the subject of International Payment may facilitate me with fundamental knowledge to work in a bank, but I do not think it is enough.
  • An employee in some kind of office such as ministry of industry and commerce, as I find myself interested in international trade policy. A lot of books to read if I want this position. WTO or some things about free trade, tariff, etc.
  • Working in export-import is not a bad choice as it is what we train to do. Though I haven’t taken any subjects of this field, I still believe that I can do well with such kind of LC, bill of lading, etc. Hope so.
  • Marketing is not my cup of tea. I do not like this field much though I do like reading many business cases of marketing campaign or marketing plan. I take one subject in Marketing this semester, it may help making me change my mind, mayn’t it?

Some choices that I sketch out for my future career. It sounds crazy but I think it’s time I thought about my future. To be an independent and versatile candidate of the labor market. I do not think much of being a boss, do not have some kind of entrepreneurship running in my vein. All I want to do is to become a competent employee in the future. I do not know if it will be appreciated by my future employer but I do not think that far. Just do my best and I think it will be all right in the end.

Head for the Future

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