Process or result! Which do you prefer?

There have been a lot of controversies concerning whether process is more important than result or vice versa. Generally, people often attach more importance to result than they do to process. Most people, who are result-orientated, will try to obtain their specific goals at any cost. This issue also makes me recall a story that I had the chance to pass by some years ago on a magazine for teenagers. There are two students, applying to a company. The first one got mark 7 in the first test while the other one got 4. After 3 months of internship, the first got mark 9. The second student seemed to work hard during this time, and effected a massive improvement, eventually getting mark 8. Now, it was the time for the employers made decision. Can you guess who was chosen to be the official employee. The first one with higher mark is the one who get through. I do not remember clearly the reason stated in this magazine, it is somehow due to the preference for  result to process. This article was to advise high school students to choose the right university to apply. It is no use getting much improvement in studying if the final result is still not enough high to get into a particular school.

At the moment, this question sometimes makes me frustrated especially after witnessing the success of many friends I know. They are continuously winning prizes in many competitions or going abroad to attend an international conferences. Sometimes I console myself that failure is just temporary and I sooner or later will reach the success, and the importance here is how I get better after failure. However, day by day, competition after competition, I cannot get into the second round. No matter how hard I have tried, the results are still insubstantial. Process is very important, however, if you cannot turn good process into good result, it is still of no use. Good result will help motivating each individual to try harder, improve the process and get more and more good results. It is somehow a spiral development with no limit put in the end!

The reason may be I haven’t paid much attention to the real process, often do every thing in passing, and am not well-prepared in any circumstances.

process – result – process – result. In conclusion, both are important and it is the way I improve the process to lead to good result that matters. Without good process, we cannot gain good result. Nevertheless, without good result, we are not motivated to perform better in the future. The two have interdependent relationship and one will be the cause as well as the effect of the others at the same time. How interesting it is! It reminds me of the funny story of whether eggs or chicken are the first to be made by the Creator.

What about your viewpoint over it?

Chicken or Egg?

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