College survival or something useful for the freshman as I suppose!

It is on the occasion of my sister entering into university and finishing some kind of procedure to become an official student of FTU that prompts me to write this post. I am currently a junior of this school, which means I have spent 2 years studying at this school as well as being a university student. I feel lucky to gain a lot of valuable lessons here while feel not satisfied at all to some extent. Therefore, my post is just to share some pieces of advice that I suppose that it will be helpful to the freshmen, not only students of FTU but also freshmen in every university in Vietnam, yes at least in Vietnam.

1. Open-minded

Open-mindedness is one of the most  important attributes that a student should have, regardless of their years spent at school. Try to get involved in many extracurricular activities as much as possible as the first year at the university often provided you with ample time to do everything you like. Be proactive or volunteer to take charge of any task, you will find yourself improved over the course of time. I sometimes regret of my first year’s time when I often did not actively participate in the activities held by my club, or sometimes I was afraid of being a leader. Day by day, I finished tasks just because of the sense of responsibility but enthusiasm. Without enthusiasm, your prowess will be eroded, you just try to exist in an organization. Open-mindedness here also means trying to learn more from the alumni, the senior in your club, learn more from your friends. They will provide you with necessary assistance either in your task at your club or your study at school. Embrace the changes and think positively. Do not resist the changes but become more outgoing. Take it easy and everything will be alright in the end!

2. Poised to do everything you like

Hesitation or procrastination is the biggest enemy that prevent you from reaching what you want. You want to get into one club but you live in fear of wasting time or not concentrating in your study. You want to participate in one competition but you worry that you do not have enough ability. Procrastination only induces you to retreat into your own corner and you will finally find yourself in regret of forgone opportunities.

Do not procrastinate!

3. Networking

Sometimes I do not like the idea that people are networking in order to have more relationships which can be helpful for your career in your future. According to me, networking is just to have more friends, to know more people. It is a great joy to go around the campus, meeting a lot of friends and greeting. And things will come as it is. You will find a lot of useful information from your acquaintance as well as more opportunities brought to you through this important channel.  To put it simply, it is just the chance for you to emulate the success of your friends and learn more from them. Be faithful, sincere, tolerant and helpful is the best way to have friends surrounding. If you think that networking is just to take advantage of your friends, I don’t know how it will be but as I suppose, it will not be comfortable. And as you remember a saying: “Birds of a feather flock together!”, choose the right friends to be with. Being friends with like-minded people will give you much inspiration to reach your goal. Friends have made some inroads into my perspectives of life and I find myself lucky to be surrounded by a lot of good and talented friends. They may be not the best learners, the most excellent activists, the most brave entrepreneur, but thanks to them, I have gained a lot of lessons for my life.

Love the feeling of belonging to a group:D

4. Studying hard

One common mistake that almost every student has made is not taking heeds of study performance at schools. It may be blamed on the magazine for teenagers which often overpraises the importance of extracurricular activities but forgets to mention the role of study performance record in the labor market. Even though you have a long list of extracurricular activities but a poor performance at school, you will not be appreciated by the employers by the time of graduation. With low level of performance, it is really difficult for you to pass the screening round of many recruitment campaigns. As I have read from some recruitment posters of some reputed companies such as KPMG, Ernst and Young or Unilever, if you want to be chosen for the next round, you must have at least 7.0 GPA, and 8.0 for the subjects relating to your career. For some who want to pursue a scholarship to get into further education after graduating, GPA is very important. Some may argue that how they can redress the balance between studying and extracurricular activities, or part-time jobs. I think it is not demanding if you know how to manage your time and take an adequate amount of work. I know some of my friends who take part in a lot of activities, trying to embrace a huge load of work and finally find themselves stressed, and exhausted. As a result, their study result is below average.

Study is the most important task at university!

5. Staying balanced

It may be the one that most of us find hard to do. Keep balanced between time for family and time for school. Keep balanced between study and extracurricular activity. All of us are attracted in a relentless lifestyle and sometimes we find it hard to stop for a while. It is advisable that you should try to find some of your time to stop, to make some kind of review, to find inspiration to work.

Here above is just some tips that I find it will be useful. I am not a successful student at all. I have made some mistakes, hesitating to join and it costs me a lot. However, life is full of mistakes, destiny and fates. I just want to look in the bigger picture and to some extent find me satisfied with what I have gained. We are young and we are endowed with a lot of special rights to do the thing we like.I love the feeling of getting connected, belonging to a family, to a class, to a club and to this university.

Let’s enjoy the happiness of being a freshman!

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