Reflections on Global Leadership Activating Day organized by AIESEC!

For some of you who do not know what is Global Leadership Activating Day, I want to make a brief introduction. This is an event held by members of AIESEC FTU Hanoi with purpose of furnishing students with some basic concepts relating to leadership skill, especially leadership skill in multicultural environment. The event took place in Hanoi tower on August 27, 2011. As I have some friends working in AIESEC as well as I was intrigued by the content of this event, I registered for a slot in this occasion. By and large, my reflection is on the demand of my best friend, who is currently an AIESECer. To say “by and large” means that it is not the demand-based post at all as it somehow belongs to my recent hobby of writing and reviewing. This post is written in a constructive and critical manner, therefore, there will be some dismerits coming along with the merits of the event. Hope you can get some useful points from this to improve your next program. Take it just as the general feelings of an ordinary participant.

In general, the event is fairly-prepared. Firstly, I want to mention some good points, which made the success of this function.

The venue: The event was held in Hanoi Tower. I was quite overwhelmed at the splendor of the conference room as well as all the venue. First impression that lasts. In this point, to a certain extent, it can help proving either the credibility  or financial condition of this organization.

The member: The check-in table was put right on the first floor with nice girls wearing suits, which helped conjuring up a professional, and sophisticated image of AIESEC. Besides, there are also members wearing T-shirts, which brought another facet of this student-run organization. Friendly and dynamic. (In fact I do not like black shirts that much. I prefer a much brighter color).

The global fair: It was well-prepared with the presence of more than 10 booths representing the culture of many countries in the world, namely Vietnam, the UK(booth of my beloved English Club:X), Korea, America, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Laos, France, Japan, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Poland. OK,about 14-15 countries as I remember. All the booths provided with ample information, articles, or something relating to cultures of these countries. Some booths were set up by the international interns of AIESEC, and they brought a lot of beautiful postcards, calendars, magazines, etc. The interns were very friendly, too. They patiently answered all the questions raised by the participants as well as were willing to take photos with us. Most of the participants found it a good chance to practice English and made friends with international students. Some may take it for granted but to me, it was really a great opportunity. I even practiced the so-called Cantonese mixed with Mandarin Chinese with two cute Malaysians while my younger sister had the chance to say some Russian phrases she just has learned. The performance of the Brazilian and one member from French Club of FTU with guitar were also nice. It would be a shortage if I did not mention the music performance of the boy coming from Korean Discovery Club. All of them had made up a friendly and amiable atmosphere for the fair. One more point for this:D.

The dance performance of AIESECers: It is the dancing session that made me impressed the most. I like this boisterous, carnival and lively atmosphere generated from this dance. It was quite improvisational but inspiring, which induced everyone to move. Both of them danced nicely, however, I had to see the boy staying in the first row, wearing blue T-shirt to keep up with the moves. It would be better if they can create more moves in the dance.

The master of ceremony: Vincent Xu – president of AIESEC Malaysia – has done a good job. He was so enthusiastic, which helped inspiring all the audiences. I like the way he gets the attention of the audiences: ” If you hear me, clap one time.If you hear me, clap twice…”. The best way to capture the attention of people is not shouting out loud like ” Keep quiet!”. I wish he had been the guest speaker.^^

Here above are some good points of the event that I have seen. Nevertheless, there still exists some points which are not satisfactory at all.

The content: In fact, the content of the program did not live up to my expectation. Maybe it was because of the fact that I overestimated this event, therefore I felt a little bit deprived when the program did not happen as my expectation. The first part ” Youth and Leadership” took place with the attendance of Mr. Nguyen Canh Binh, Director of Alpha Books, a comparatively reputed publishing company in Vietnam. Given the fact that his major at school was Chemical Engineering, nothing to do with his career now, he deserved the respect from all the audiences. One problem here is that he was not a native speaker, and his English, though good in comparison with many businessmen, was some thing really annoying. As he could not communicate perfectly in English, the concept “leadership” has not been transferred properly to the audiences. The questions, as a result, had not been exploited fully and the answers can be found easily in many books or magazines. I would prefer that he could speak in Vietnamese, hence the messages can be understood appropriately, which in turn can motivate the leadership in each audience. The main purpose of AIESEC, I do not know for sure, is to activate the leader’s instinct in the youngsters, not just improve English listening skill, isn’t it?

Part 2: “Youth and the World”. It is nice to understand some existing and burning issues all around the world such as environmental problem in Brazil or homeless animal in Russia. It is nice, too, to have a chance to discuss in group and work out the solutions. However, the matter here is that this activity has not been exploited in the most effective way. To put it another way, I cannot see the breakthrough made here.

The speech of President: She first appeared to be confident, proactive and dynamic. However, she seemed not to prepare carefully for her speech on stage. She forgot to introduce her name at the beginning of the presentation and she showed some signs of confusing when Mr. Vincent reminded her about this. Some seconds of hesitation were made in the middle of the speech. I myself think even if she has known a lot about AIESEC, a careful preparation should be made to make sure that the program will run smoothly.

Some relating to the logistics: The so-called microphone-keeper ^^ should have reacted more quickly at some circumstances. They should have assigned clearly who would take charge of this  area or that area to avoid some confusing circumstances. I remember when a girl from the leftmost side of the room wanted to express something, it took them for a while to deliver the microphone. It is obvious that no one took charge of my area and when this girl stood up, even the rightmost microphone-keeper also ran to her. It caused the program to stop for some minutes.

In conclusion, if I have the right to rate, I will rate 3.9/5 for this event. It is just my own opinion, and I do it on goodwill. Hope that you, AIESECers, can take my review to improve your next project. Anyway, you all have done a good job and AIESEC FTU Hanoi deserves a rapturous ovation from the participants. Thank you all for this event and hope to see you next time in both AIESEC and EC-FTU’s next events!

3 thoughts on “Reflections on Global Leadership Activating Day organized by AIESEC!

  1. Thank you so much for your deep and sound feedback. We, AIESECers, appreciate those valuable comments like yours!
    Also we hope to see you in the upcoming events held by AIESEC FTU Hanoi!


  2. I am a member of Organizing Committee of GLAD. Truly, I highly appreciate your reflections to help us improve next time. Thank you so much !!!!


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