Every day passes by with something interesting!

I decide to write something though it is too late for me to write a decent post that lives up to my own standard. I am currently at the seventh week of the semester, which means I have been halfway to the end of this. Crudely speaking, I have not got any useful stuff from the subjects I learn in this semester, barring some concepts in Marketing. Ridiculously, it is not in my list of subjects that I have to learn. I found myself in love with reading The Economist. According to the recommendation of one of my friends, I search the pdf version of this magazine on the Internet and immediately, I was attracted by its way of writing: assertive, neutral, coherent, lively, and sometimes a little bit irony. It provided me with many update news, stories in various fields ranging from economics, finance to business and politics. It helped me well aware of what happen in the world, forcing me into thinking seriously about many problems exposed to many particular countries. Sometimes, it is interesting to find out some information of interest such as Eurozone debt crisis or the phenomenon of Asia successful women who do not want to get married before they pass 40. The world is not that easy as I have supposed before. There are lots of complicated things, army of tumbling events, many conspiracies getting involved. Besides, I also like the story relating to business. I would like to skim through some pieces of articles depicting the images of many famous corporations in the world, the leading CEOs, or the leaders of many powerful nations.

It is really an awesome feeling when I find a way back to my habit of reading. Thanks to this, my reading speed has been improved substantially. An IELTS reading segment, which took me long time to complete, is not too difficult for me to finish now. I also learn  a lot of new words, though I have not applied much in my writing, nonetheless, it seems to be effective in improving my reading as well as furnishes me with a way of approaching the real English writing.

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