Knowledge exchange!!!!!!!

In recent days, I find out that sharing is one of the best ways to obtain knowledge as by exchanging ideas, we are able to remember information better than spending long time staring at the books or computer screen. It is wonderful that when you share with some one a piece of knowlege, you tend to understand more thoroughly about this concept.

And today I found it interesting to think of the saying of Confucius:  “When there are three people walking, my teacher is bound to be among them.” Everybody around us can bring a lesson to us. Therefore, it is necessary to be responsive, and open-minded. It is difficult for you to understand it when you are at high school or the first year of university as your knowledge is just confined in the theories indicated in the textbook. You may say that only theories in textbook can be considered knowledge. However, when we become mature, when we have chances to talk with a lot of people from all walks of life, we find that life brings us loads of lessons that we may not expect. Today, while exchanging ideas with my friends at class, I was overwhelmed at their understanding about the book market, about the rent prices in the high street or the quality of books provided by particular publishers. How adorable they are! Sometimes, listening and talking about some issues will intrigue me to think much about them as well as gain lots of relating knowledge!

Therefore, don’t think that it is a waste of time to chat with your friends or it is a must to get acquainted with talented people to accelerate your knowledge. We can learn anything from almost everyone provided that we are open-minded and willing to associate and link the ideas!

This picture somehow can help explain my ideas for this

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