American dream!!!

American Dream!

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You may suppose that in this blog I will mention the desire for freedom, affluence, prosperity or success in the USA. By and large, I just want to say about my dream of studying abroad.

Long long time ago, I have dreamt of one day stepping into beautiful and grandeur buildings of famous universities. When I read a short novel written by a student in the UK, I just wish I would be the student of Oxbridge in the future. When I saw “Love stories in Harvard”, I reveled in finding information in studying in the USA. I know that every student wants to have a chance to study abroad with a view to enjoying the good education and broaden our horizon.

My dream of studying abroad was still rigorous until I was a student of secondary school. At that time, how weird I was. It is not exact to use this word “weird”, it is stupid that somehow could describe this 13-year-old girl better. I paid attention to all pieces of information about scholarship on the newspaper. From hindsight, at that time, I am in lack of everything. I studied in an ordinary school, not prestigious one such as Hanoi-Amsterdam School. My English was good in comparison with my classmates, however, it seemed to be nothing with students from the reputed schools. It could be considered the first abject failure I got in my life. It seemed hard at first for a girl, who was used to receiving transcripts with flying colour at school, nonetheless, as I have been taught carefully since I learned at primary school that we never can claim with confidence that you are the best one. You may find the better one somewhere.

When I entered high school, I was ranked top3, and I was chosen among students of high-quality class. I was given the opportunities to attend the A-STAR scholarship offered to students with prowess in natural sciences. The English test came to me as a nightmare as the reading comprehension parts are filled with unknown vocabulary. The IQ test, which I had never done before, of course, was very difficult and it required students to express their logical thinking. And interview round, though smooth, was not palpable enough to be mentioned. Everytime when I recalled of this experience, I feel a little bit embarassed as my behaviour in the interview round was somehow awkward, and I suppose that one of the reasons that I was eliminated has something to do with my performance interview. In restropect, I do not regret much as I know, with my knowledge at that time, it was impossible for me to reach the scholarship.

3 years at high school, I had only 1 goal: becoming a student of Foreign Trade University, which motivated me to study hard for the entrance exam into universities. I did not care about scholarships for studying abroad anymore. Firstly, as I have indicated above, I just focused on obtaining the knowledge for passing the entrance exam into Vietnam university. Secondly, as you know, the environment we live in, here I mean school, made inroads into the way how we build up our future. In Ams, every year, there are a host of students studying abroad and as a result of knowledge and spirit passed down from generations to generations, students are intrigued with the dream of studying abroad. They rushed into learning TOEFL, SAT, which were unfamiliar to me at that time. They tried to get certificate by attending extracurricular activities. At that time, I attended a lot of extrcurricular activities too, however, I did not think much of receiving any recognition for these. In addition, it was not until the end of my grade 11 that I started to have Internet connection at home, and I did not have much time expended on Internet due to my busy schedule at school, therefore, scholarship information becomes far-reaching to me.

Entering university, while friends surrounding are busy with filling the application for universities in America, I did not pay much attention. I did not believe in my ability to get a scholarship with full tuition fee and living cost, without anything of them, I could not study abroad. Some students gained 50%tuition fee and they began their journey abroad, thanks to the financial support from their affluent families. Some accepted to make a brand-new start, becoming freshman while their friends are about to be sophomore, junior, even senior. To some extent, they deserve the ovation for their determination to pursue their dreams. I know some tried hard to gain the scholarship or financial support to cover their left tuition fee or living cost. I am sure that what they have gained is not only the theories but also the lessons of real life, of determination.

When BEEPRO- English contest held by English Club of Foreign Trade University- took place, as the candidate supporters, I met a lot of students coming from ASTAR, the one that I have mentioned in the foregoing parapgraph. They are at the same age as me,attending ASTAR selection in the same year as me. They just have finished their 4-year course by the end of 2010 and they had about 8 months to stay in Vietnam before coming back to student life in the USA. One of them is my friend at primary school. Hardly can I believe that I will have chance to have her facebook after 10 years without seeing each other. One of them is the finalist of BEEPRO. Training in such harsh and competitive studying environment, they both proved to be distinguished from their friends in Vietnam. They were excellent at reporting the ideas, poised to make a rebuttal against the opposite ideas, and showing their confidence and willing to learn new thing. At the moment, they both flew to the USA, continuing the tertiary education, what they posted on their facebook wall everyday made me think much. They mentioned the heavy workload they have to deal with such as amount of assignments, numbers of chapters of textbook they have to gauge each day passing by. They posted photos in the USA with dynamic and intelligent students, they talked about their activities in campus, which are both enviable.

Studying abroad after graduating from universities has been put at the top of my priorities. Every day, I spend time reading motivational posts, sharing relating to scholarships for graduates. I try my level best to study English, reading more and more articles pertaining to economics and business to enhance my knowledge. I know that I still need much more to be qualified for a scholarship. Just try, try and try!

I want to set foot in the USA or in Europe one day!

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