Working for large companies or small ones? Which do you prefer?

Some people prefer to work for a large company. Other prefers to work for a small company. Which would you prefer? Use specific reason and details to support your choice.


Finding your ideal job and committing all of your efforts to this are among the most burning desires of almost every students after graduating. There often exist some major choices for ones entering into labor market. The first one is to apply to a large and well-established corporation, which will be a reliable guarantee for one’s future career path. Some, however, prefers the second choice, which is to work for a small company, which brings much challenge but chances to get oneself developed. In my opinion, working for a large company is of my first preference because of its sound business background, the professional way of running business as well as the chance to move up in the rank of the company.

Firstly, large companies are more likely to provide better guarantee for the life of the employees. The major corporation with its long lasting history usually brings about better policies to support the employees such as better insurance packages, remuneration, fringe benefits and of course, better salary scheme. It is not beyond the realm of our possibility to make sense this fact. As companies grow more rigorously, they have tendency to pay more attention to not only physical life but also the spiritual life of the employees. And thanks to their long history, they will have more experiences in dealing with the issue of human resources management in the companies, which induces them to have appropriate policies to attract and retain the best staff for their organization.

Secondly, working in a large company furnishes you with chances of challenging yourself in the professional working environment. Long time in the industry bring them a host of advantages over the other emerging companies. Thanks to their long presence in the industry, large companies have built up valuable experiences to deal with business, leading to economies of scale, which in turn helps increase companies’ profit. Their experiences also help them accomplish the ways they run the business by setting up and completing their approaches to particular problems, establishing a sound system of management. The new employees, once entering these companies, do not waste time on confusing about how to work effectively. They just have to adapt and follow the ways set by the precedent, contributing more ideas to help ameliorate the process. In addition, employees have opportunities to cooperate with experienced and talented colleagues, which in turn makes inroad into their own development.

Some may argue that working in the large companies will confine the ability of the employees to the pre-set system, undermining their creativity and their desires for innovation. However, as is seen from the world of business, many large companies have proven that they are not the white elephant, which are stagnant and resistant to changes but the smart giant, poised to make relentless moves to get advanced in the business. Apple can be considered a case in point. It is a giant that is growing faster than any startups. The availability of experiences, accompanied by the head for innovation help these giants stand out in the market, becoming the main obstacles to the way entering the market of the small and new companies.

In the light of the above discussion, I personally prefer to work in large corporations for its professional working process, the good remuneration for employees, and chances to build up your skills. However, small companies are not the bad choice at all. More importantly, it is your passion that calls the tune here. As is observed by Theodore Roosevelt, “Far and away, the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”, if you have strong passion to dedicate, to actualize yourself, the choice of large or small companies is no longer a significant matter.

3 responses to “Working for large companies or small ones? Which do you prefer?

  1. oa, vào đây ko những được đọc chiện lại còn được đọc essay của chị nữa >:D< thích quá. em cũng đang học viết luận TOEFL, mà ý tưởng nghèo nàn 😦 câu cú lủng củng, chưa dám viết bài nào hết 😦 haizz…

    thanks chị ^^


    • Viết nhiều sẽ thành thói quen mà em. Chị thấy chị viết vẫn còn thường lắm, chưa được đặc sắc đâu. Nhưng viết nhiều + có phương pháp sẽ thấy tiến bộ.


      • yeah. em biết vậy. nhưng mà lúc định viết lại cứ chần chừ hoài ==’ thế là chả biết được gì. Em cũng phải tìm đọc mấy bài viết của mọi người xem cách viết thế nào, rồi câu cú, từ ngữ nữa :-< 😦


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