Crazy stuff

Pay attention. I am  about to start one of the most awesome posts of my blog. Just kidding because every post in my  blog is equally awesome.

Just a few days ago, while I skimmed for a topic in the list of writing topics for TOEFL, I passed by an interesting one, which is a statement of whether people are allowed to do whatever they like or some thing like some cases that people have to do things that they do not like. Sorry for my short-term memory but I do hope you have got some ideas from this statement. Some days ago, I read a status on the Facebook, from the wall of a friend, in which she stated that “In our youth, if we like to do something, do it right now.” After that, she made a sigh:-<, saying that it, however, seemed impossible for us to chase after our own preferences. It is still somehow a very difficult question for almost people living in this world. You may like to travel, spending all money you obtain on travelling, but there always exist some obstacles militating against your idea. You want to be an artist but you do not want to make a bet because this job does not guarantee you a good life. There are lots of stuff embedded in our mindset, hinging on our decision-making process and sadly, in many cases, you can not make a decision based on your own preferences.

The slogan of Steve Jobs: ” Stay hungry, stay foolish” may help you escape the reality for a while. You are sinked in the idea of freedom, where anything can be achieved provided that you have a dream and you are brave enough to pursue it.               This idea still holds right in almost every case, however, it turns to be perplexing when it comes to the reality. As you study in the economics, nothing is absolutely perfect. There come externalities, which may be positive and negative, accelerating or deteriorating your dream. Though your future is under your authority, however, future is always an ambiguous idea that people are always tempted to find the answers.

Sometimes, people may misunderstand the concept of personal freedom, leading to their kind of right to allow them to do everything they like. I do not like the teenage, who oftern describes themselves as “a maverick”. They do not care about what they talk, what they do. They do it just because they like it. I like the one who expresses the difference in their way of thinking, however, I am allergic to the ones who try to make themselves difference by thoughtless actions or verbal vows. The more people oppose to their ideas, the more they think they are mavericks. For some who may think that I am an old-fashioned, I want to say that, there are lots of ways to be a maverick. I am an advocate of mind-blowing stuff, upholding the innovation but I disapprove of some thoughtless actions, which is under the mask of personality.

Am I talking without direction? Come back to what I have mentioned in the first part. People, in my opinion, deserve the rights to pursue what they like, provided that their penchants are compatible with the development of the society as a whole. There is always a link between the regulation and the personal preference. Law has to guarantee that the personal rights are not broken while the benefit of the society as a whole is still assured.

Last week, as I have said in my previous topic, I attended in a talkshow about PwC. I still remember the answer of the General Manger of PwC when asking about the importance of GPA. She said that even though you don’t like some subjects such as Philosophy, you still have to try hard in this subject to get at least palatable point. Some students may make an exuces that they do not like this subject and they think that it is worth expending effort in the subject of their major. To my surprise, she said that when you immerse in the real workplace, you do not have rights to quit any job they may not suit you. As a student, the main task should be studying and it is not a suitable excuse for bad performance in studying by saying that you take extracurricular activities as your top priority.

Just something to refresh my blog, refresh my mind.


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