Coming back from the deep

I just write this note to confirm that I am fine after escaping from the depth of desperation. Sometimes, thinking much can not help you find an effective approach to the problem. Just let it be. I will try my best. I find it interesting to be surrounded by lots of friends and we both share the same interest of future career.

I start to take an extra class in English. This class was recommended to me by some friends of mine. In stead of having students learn in traditional way like the one that is wide applied in many TOEFL and IELTS classes I have known, the teacher, who has obtained 1 PhD in Language and 2 MSc in In formation Technology and Languages, brings about a totally new method, which is about to help students write English in the real English way, reducing the impact that Vietnamese style on English writing. In addition, the course is designed with a view to furnishing students with necessary skills for further study abroad. I just have passed the 3 first lessons, everything seems to happen smoothly and the concepts, however perplexing they are, are also very interesting. Though I am not sure about the effectiveness of the course I may get but it is a chance for me to study something new, practice my logical mind, which have been indulged for such a long time.

My family welcomes an internee coming from China. One friend of mine is a member from AIESEC and introduced Wang Jing, the name of the girl to me as I am familiar with Chinese and Chinese culture. Everything is on the right track as she is very amiable and inquisitive to new things. We often have conversations in both English and Chinese. She seems to be surprised at the similarity as well as differences between Vietnam and China. As her major is Chinese Literature, we have interesting discussion about Chinese novels and their adaption. I have learnt lots of Chinese new words and many things about Chinese teenagers.

The examination is coming around the corner. Brush up on lots of theory and application. Hope that I will perform well in the exam. There exists something makes me upset, regretful, and desperate about myself, but I do not want to think much about it.

Never do I want the exam to pass quickly as it is in this semester.

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