A feeling of tranquility

Winter has come around the corner and it takes me much more time to escape from the attractiveness of the bed every morning. Everything is still running on its own repetitive schedule. Sometimes, I get fed up with this ordinary life but sometimes, a beautiful morning sitting before the computer screen really brings me with a feeling of tranquility and safety. These feelings, though simple, are something that I find difficult to get for some times.

Yesterday, I have completed the two most difficult subjects in this semester. The tests were too long and full of theoretical questions, which drove all of us crazy. I get into a habit of not caring about the test any longer right after submitting the paper to the proctor, regardless of the discussion of friends around me. They asked each other about the answers or the solutions but I did not pay much attention as we could do nothing with the exam.

Finishing these two demanding subjects, in the evening I spent some hours doing what I like but I have not done while brushing up on for the exam. Write an email to CIMA GBC group, hang around Facebook and write Chinese characters. It is always true that the greatest time is the moment when you can do what you like.

Yiruma‘s music is beautiful as usual. I am listening to all my favorite pieces of music written by Yiruma, indulging my mind in the world of melodies.

Yesterday, I learned about thematic progression patterns in Mr. Vu’s English Class but I still find it hard to apply right to my writing. His method is of effective use for academic writing and this pst just follows free style. So I will try to apply this in my next TOEFL post.

Good morning! Have a good day, my friends!

Kiss the rain

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