Free from examination

Dear my lovely blog, I would like to inform you that I have finished the final exam officialy, though the results were not as good as the previous semesters. Now then, I can come back to do what I want to do: writing blogs, reading books, learning Chinese. What beautiful days! At school, we often talk to each other that: School days are always beautiful, except the examination. In fact, we do think that the examination is also interesting as well because we have chances to meet each other after long days staying at home to brush up on for the examination.

The exanination we took today was in International Trade Policy. It was an open-book exam, which means that we are allowed to bring anything, barring laptop, which were thought to help us overcome the exam, As you all know, open-book exam is, by no means, easier than the close one. It requires students to have analysis skills and strong knowledge because it will take you lots of time to find out where the concepts mentioned in the problem are and more importantly, to combine the concepts seamlessly into a thorough answer. To deal with these kinds of questions, we just tried to write as much as possible, aligning the concepts got from books to fit the problem given.

After finishing the last subject of the final exam, I felt extremely relaxed. My classmates and I decided to hang around to refresh ourselves. We have finishedthe 5th semester of university life and we still have only 3 semesters to go. Though I am also eager to enter the worlplace, I know that it would be difficult for me to leave this school, far away from my lovely friends.

Free from examination but it does not mean that it all ends here. I am writing a plan for my next semester as well as what I would like to achieve in 2012. I know that it is difficult and some kind of unworldly for me to achieve things like trips abroad for youth leadership but I will try my best to attain knowledge serving for career. As  I am determined to work in consulting business, I am trying to find out the gaps and fill them. Verbal reasoning tests, strategic management, managerial accounting, all interesting things I am willing to learn.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” A meaningful quote I went by yesterday. It is no use regretting what I should have had but it is important to realize what I have to do to take initiatives.

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