Film reflection – 3 idiots

It is a reflection of the movie I have just finished watching this afternoon. It is just defined as a relection as I do not think it is qualified as a review. This reflection is just about to provide me with chances to express my feelings about it.

“3 idiots” is a famous film made by Bollywood in 2009 but it was not until recent days that I found out it by recommendation from many of my friends. Instead of waiting for the file copied by my friends, I managed to find it on a website and was immediately interested in this movie. It took me nearly 5 hours to watch the whole movie, including time waiting for website loading, but what I learn today makes it worth spending such longtime in front of the computer screeen.

Thinking of Indian movies, everybody often associates with kind of soap operas, entailing lots of dancing and singing. Indian movies often bring audiences with stories relating to love, religion, action, and in reality, I am not a fan of Indian movies, therefore, it took me a while to get accustomed to the mixture of Indian English and Hindi spoken in the movie as well as the general atmosphere of a Bollywood product. After 5 hours watching, I was eventually pursuaded by the meaningful lessons and the enthralling performance of the actors, which all have stroken me with significant impression.

The plot started when Fahran, a wildlife photographer, while on board, received a phone call from one of his old friends at university about the information of his best friend, Rancho, who has not been in touch with them since they graduated from university. On their trace to Rancho, all their thoughts flashed back to their times, when Rancho, Raju and Farhan were together at Imperial College of Engineering, one of the most prestigious schools of India. Each one with different family background, different characteristics contibutes to the colourful picture of Indian college. Both Farhan, Raju, and Rancho brought the audiences with their own meaningful lessons.

The first one is Farhan. His dream was to be a wildlife photographer, unfortunately, since he was born, his fate has been determined by his parents to be an engineer, which is deemed to bring proud to his family. As Rancho said, Farhan loves Photography but got married to Technology. He studied technology just because of his love to his parents, who have spared all efforts to help him do his best in the entrance exam into ICE with a hope to have a brighter future. Farhan had no choice but abandon his passion for photography, choosing engineering according to his parents’ desire. Finally, with the help of Rancho, Farhan realized where his passion lay, daring to chase his dream as a wildlife photographer. Though a  job as wildlife photographer can not bring him as much money as a career in engineering, Fahran has chances to live out his dream, capturing the beautiful moments life brought by. I was moved at the moment when Fahran tried to pursuade his father to let him follow his passion. The moment when his father, silently closing the new laptop – which is to be the gift on congratulation to Fahran’s job in Engineering, asked Farhan if it could be exchanged for a good camera for his passion, I was almost burst into tear. The lesson drawn from Farhan’s story is to follow your heart. Let’s turn your passion into profession.

The second one is Raju. Raju was born to deprivated family. His father was paralysed, leading to huge consumption of money for pharmacy. His sister cannot get married because they are too poor to offer the husband’s family a car as the returned fortune. (It is a custom of Indian. When a girl got married, the girl’s family has to make an offering of fortune to the husband’s family.  It is also the reason to explain for the escalating inequivalence between numbers of girls and boys in India as people avoid giving birth to girls in order not to pay such return). Raju, therefore, took the responsibilities of helpinghis family getting out of poverty. This pressure, as described as lots of rings worn on his fingers, causes him to live in fear. He was always afraid of future, feeling himself under pressure for striving for excellence in every exam at college. However, the overly pressure was obtacle on his way to success. He tried to scram for exam but he always came last on exams. Finally, after a botched attempt of commiting suicide, he finally realized the lesson that Rancho wanted him to understand. It is to escape from fear. Fear about future just prevents him from living well at the present. His sharing in the interview finally helped him win a job in an engineering firm. More importantly, he realized what the real value of life is and found ways to reach success.

The third one, and the most important one is Rancho. Every time he appeared, he often overwhelmed other people as well as the audiences with mind-blowing stories. As described in the song at the beginning of the film, he was like a strange wind, blowing the stagnant atmosphere of college. He first appeared in the film when every freshman was bullied by the seniors with such a weird “ritual”. Just by a simple application of basic Physics, he had taught the senior a valuable lesson. He asked questions at right places at right times, simplifying complicated concepts mentioned in the text books, coming up with bright ideas, which are not dared to be thought by other students. He tried to challenge the old pedagogical methods, represented by the Principal, Mr. Viru. The maverick Rancho, according to himself, learned technology just because of passion. He learned with all his heart, never stopping finding new things. He thinks that school is not the race, where exists the border between the winners and losers. It is place of enlighting ideas and dedicated love to study. His idea seems to go against the old system of thoughts deeply ingrained in the minds of many people. Finally, with his bravery, intelligence, and helpfulness, he has conquered one by one, from Raju to the strict Principal. Rancho, however, disappeared without saying goodbye to his friends and his lover.

By the flow of the plot, the mystery of Rancho was discovered. Rancho is not his real name. H, in fact, was the son of a servant. Since he was small, he had passionate interest in studying, therefore, his master’s son, the real Rancho – a lazy one had him study. The fake Rancho took it as a chance for him to satisfy his love of studying. He studies not for grade, for a certificate, but for his passion for Technology, Therefore, he did not need to scram hard for exam but still ranked first, becoming the most excellent student at school. By the end of the film, audiences found him, under the name Wangdu, as a proliferate scientist, an inspired teacher of a primary school. To Chatur, a classmate of Raju, Farhan, and Rancho, success means a big house equipped with the most advanced accessories, a pricey Lamborghini, with a credit card with a huge fortune. However, to Rancho, it is his success, which is to live out with his passion for technology and to transfer this love to the younger generation. It is nice to see the fresh atmosphere of his self-established school, where students are free to pursue their own passions. The most memorable quote made by the Holistic Rancho was: Strive for excellence. Success will follow you. It is not a quote from one seeing the world through red-tinted glasses.  The quote, finally, was proved when Chatur, who looked down on his classmates, found out that the one he was trying to sign a deal with was Wangdu, or Rancho.  The movie ending with the “humble offering” from Chatur to Rancho helps confirm the victory of real passion over the tactical and uncompetitive strategy.

The movie is a perfect reflection of the educational system existing in many countries now. Imperial College of Engineering can be considered as a case in point. Students are put under pressure to become the first in exams. Pressure is necessary to motivate students to try their level best, however, it turns out to be counter-productive when students, due to overly pressure, become the machine, who learns by heart all the stuff written in the text books without sparing a thought on the application of the theory. In a more serious note, they easily become depressed and the escalating rate of suicide comes to as no surprise. This situation is very popular in many countries such as India, Korea, and Japan, where a lack of university degree means no hope for future. The plot has portrayed the real situation, reminding us of the real value of life. Success, one of my favorite topics, cannot be measured by a consistent means. There exists many definitions of success as well as many approaches to success.

The movie also makes me think much about my study. I found myself existing in almost every character of the film. I found myself in Rancho, in his passion for study. I found myself in Raju, in his fear for future. I found myself in Mr. Viru, in his insistence of principal. It leads me to think about whether I am living or studying in the right way. Not every character in the movie is perfect. Finding myself in Mr Viru does not mean my way is wrong at all. To be honest, the view presented in the movie is just from the personal perspective of the screen writer. It represents for the majority of advanced students. It is right and progressive but it does not mean that it is right at all. If you accept the ideas of the film without hesitation, you seem to be like the majority without critical thinking. I am not sure if it is called critical thinking or skeptics but a practice of thinking is really necessary in almost many cases. For example, many people will criticize Mr. Viru for his stringent method of teaching but I think, to some extent, the principles work provided that it does not pose much pressure on students. One friend of mine often does not pay much attention to studying. I even cannot find any passion for studying in her. Instead of accumulating knowledge, she expends all her efforts on other activities. I am not granted the right to judge whether these activities she gets involved are useful or not. The thing I see here is that she tries to blame the educational system for her bad performance at school. She often tried to tell the story about her friends studying abroad, however, to be honest, the method applied in these ‘ideal’ schools in her story has been applied by all of us. The difference, however, lies in the extent of application. She blamed for the theoretical text books, for the dull lecturer, trying to showing her appreciation for what happened on the screen. But remember that, even in the movie, Rancho is not kind of person, who often wanders around, doing unwholesome things. All of his actions, even the mischievous ones, originate from his passion for Technology. Therefore, it is the matter of balance between principles and freedom. All things, even very good, can turn bad when they go to the extreme.

This post seems to be the longest post I have ever written on the WordPress. I strongly recommend you to have a look at this movie. Find it on:

Watch the movie, find out the lesson on your own and reflect it in a critical manner. Let’s enjoy!

5 responses to “Film reflection – 3 idiots

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  2. It’s really inspiring movie!!! True that education is really important…..but sometimes we are not learning from the text books or thru our teacher alone..We also learn from the people around us…How we value each other..It’s not about the money, fame or power but the genuine love that we can give unconditionally to our family, freinds and the one close to our heart..In this journey that we call life quoted from this movie ALL IS WELL…at the end of it we will see the true meaning of happiness….


    • It’s nice of you to reminding me of this. Sometimes, when life gets hard, and we rush into a rat race, it is difficult to stand out and realize all of these simple rules of life.


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