New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! I hope that 2012 will be filled with health, happiness, and satisfaction.

Last year, I also wrote a so-called Resolution, coincidentally, on January 3rd. A year has passed. Let’s see what I have done.

Last year I have set myself some goals:

– Upgrade my English. In fact, I have not been satisfied with my English now. Let’s start with reading. Reading is the skill which I feel the most confident. When I was the first year student, it was not too difficult for me to accomplish an IELTS reading test with the result 35/40. In addition, I believe that 2 years at university getting used to learning by English Textbook can help me get through the IELTS of my university. At the entry test of Reading class, I got 35/40, however, after learning for 2 months, I don’t know what happened to my grade as it got down to only 28/40. Though this degradation is due to the awkward test given by the teacher, it also made me less confident in my ability of reading. Listening seems to show no sign of improvement as I was still intimidated by the listening test of IELTS. My speaking, to be honest, is still at so-so level. Sometimes, I feel that my ability of speaking varies with time. Sometimes, I can speak thoroughly, and fluently but sometimes, I can not control the flow of ideas in my mind, resulting in disorganized speaking. Finally, writing, considered the most difficult by almost every English learner, is something that I have worked on the most last year. The next four days, I will celebrate 1-year anniversary for my blog. 1 year has passed, do you find out my writing better? I do think that the quality of writing has not been uplifted. I do not find it difficult to come up with ideas and churn it out, however, the thing that makes me crazy about my writing is still the ability of organizing ideas in a cohesive and coherent manner. As you can see, I still write much free-writing, which does not require much coherence but what I am heading for is good academic writing, of which the requirement is much more stringent. I am attending an English class in writing, however, I still find ways translating the theory I have learnt into application. Let’s see my performance next year.

– Chinese: In my last year’s resolution, I have promised myself to accomplish the Chinese Textbook No6 ( Almost every Chinese learner learn sequentially 6 books – from No 1 to No 6). However, I still get stuck at the beginning of the book No4. In comparison to last year, I have moved from No3 to No4. Although I have not finished my promise, I am still fairly satisfied with my Chinese. Number of textbooks have nothing to do with the level of Chinese. Though I have just reached Book No4, however, what I have learned is much more considerable than other students learning at textbook No4. Because I do not resort to only this set of textbooks, I also browse from much more sources. I learn from Chinese film with subtitles, I buy some books, which is used to being circulated in the students with Chinese major only. I learn reading by going online and finding Chinese articles. I listen to Chinese music and learn its lyric. I finish reading a Chinese novel. My Chinese speaking, frankly spoken, is much more natural than English speaking. Self-study leaves me with freedom to choose what, when, and how I learn and I am totally satisfied with the progress I have made. One of my friends, learning Chinese at a language center, has reached Book No4 by far, but she still has much difficulties communicating in Chinese. The point here is that she paid much more attention to grammar, to order of words. When she had a conversation with a Chinese friend, she stopped for a while, trying to arrange all the stuff in her mind, then saying the sentence. However, the real conversation never takes place that way. There’s no time for you to listen, translate to your mother tongue, find a sentence to answer, translate it back to foreign language. Just listen and react. I have made lots of faults during talking to my Chinese friends but then I have been corrected by them. And I found that natural way of learning languages helps me acquire the skills in a better way. Let’s make languages alive rather than making them some kind of archeological stuff demonstrated in the museum.

– Perform well at university: Studying is a very frantic and fluctuated thing. I don’t know why but every time I think that I will have much more experiences in getting good results, I still get trapped at some problems. I even have bought books about how to get straight As, however, I found that the way to get them is never straight. The boring lecturers may get you dispirited, the demanding subject makes you frustrated for some times, the extracurricular activities distract you from focusing on studying. Time-management skill is of necessity here, nonetheless, it is impossible to control your time all the times. The first half of 2011, also the second semester of the 2nd year, I still perform well with 7 A and 1 B. Though good it may be, it still did not guarantee me a scholarship:)). The second half, or the 1st semester of 3rd year, came with only 5 subjects but I found it much more difficult to handle it. Extracurricular activities keep me from learning for the first 2 months. Self-identity crisis costs 2 months. And 1 month is left to prepare for exam. The results of the final exam are acceptable but they are clearly down from last school year’s performance. However, my self-identity crisis has been fixed already. Many thanks come to my friends, and a film. I somehow have realized what I want to do and how to get to my place. It is much more important than getting straight As without understanding what I really want to be in the future.

Resolution for new year:

– English -Chinese. No more to say about it. But I consider taking IELTS on August. Preparation has to be made soon.

– CIMA GBC. A team of 4 has been set up and I believe our synergy will lead us to victory. CIMA GBC is also one factor helping me realizing my dream.

– IQ – Case interview. I will investigate more about them as they are necessary components of many job interviews.

– Try to maintain my study performance at schools.

– Smile more and more. Refrain from sighing, frustrating, and dispiriting.

Try your level best, Fragriver ^^.

Hope the year to come will be filled with love and harmony, satisfaction and happiness, health and success!

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