You have hundreds of ways to express your own different personalities

More and more young people nowadays pay attention to make themselves become different among other people. There are some ways that they often do:

1. Become a tomboy.

Some girls think that it is quite ordinary to have long hair as the other girls. Some, imitating what they have read in the novels,where a handsome and tall boy, (and it would be better of he is the captain of basketball team=)) ) falls in love with the look-like-boy girl, who also takes part in the basket ball game.

2. Take up some awkward or not-mainstream hobby

For example, they will show others that they like black music, they claim themselves as loyal fans of Trinh Cong Son, turning the preference to this music into personality cult.Some are finding stories relating to the third gender, supporting for the love existing between two people of the same sex by posting their statements on Facebook, or something like that.

3. Become rude

They seem to have the ability to say rude in every situation. They churn out all stuff such as taboo, slang, etc. on Facebook, showing that they are callous but honest. They think that it is the best way to reflect their real personalities. They show their anger at the life and they say that life is bullsh*t.

4. Become a price tag

They put on expensive clothes, boasting about brands, looking down on who had no taste for fashion. Kind of this.

5. Learn hip hop, rap, etc.

They rush into finding classes learning hip hop, DJ because these hobbies are supposed-to-be different, of strong personalities by some tabloids for teenagers:P

These above-mentioned are some ways that a number of young people choosing to make themselves noticeable from the crowd. The desire of being different is something that needs to be encouraged, however, the means by which we become different matters here. Becoming noticeable does not always mean becoming different. Becoming different does not always guarantee that you have strong personalities. For example, you wear a pricey and fashionable shirt, which makes you noticeable. But the different factor here has not been satisfied. Are you sure that you are different from the showy girls, who try to show off the brands attaching to them everyday? Take another example. You are different by saying taboo, slang, breaking the school rules and saying that all of these things are bullsh*t. But how to say, why don’t they find ways to improve the bullsh*t or just stand outside and criticize.

Personality, as I define, is something that differentiate you from the others, controlling your ways of thinking, acting and making decision. It is your personality that makes you comfortable with. In addition, your personality does not get the others hurt.  It is good to play basketball or hiphop,etc. provided that you feel comfortable with it or you have the real passion for it. Becoming a tomboy is a cool idea but it is no longer cool when you force yourself to have your hair cut. If you are comfortable with the long hair, going on with this. Wearing expensive clothes is not something that needs criticizing, however, if your parents are not rich and you do not feel pleased with them, why you have to insist on wearing them? You like to behave rude, say tough words because you think you are straight man. It would be OK to some extent, however, if your words get the others hurt, it will be a serious problem and I cast a doubt on what kind of personality you have.

Personality, as I believe, is something that you are born with. The one with the strong personality does not need to be the one who say tough words, play X-game, show off everywhere, pretend to be different every time. I appreciate the one,who can think on their own feet, having their own opinions about one thing. Though their decisions can be the same as the others but these decisions were made by themselves.

In conclusion, I have some advice for someone, who still get stuck in identity crisis: Be yourself. You do not have to look at the others and shape your personality into the mold set by them. Just stand on your own feet, using both your head and your heart and finding the best reaction to the situation. Becoming flexible is something that I long to be. Every one, since they were born, during their lives, by learning and experiencing, has been equipped with their own personalities. Do not think that you have to be like this one, or you have to act like this. What matters here is your way to develop your own personality, making it special, discernible, and beneficial to you and the society.

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