I wrote this for my prettiest friends`

Everday I express a bunch of thanks to God for bringing to me such wonderful friends. My friends at university is way fantastic, who I can turn to everytime I need, I can confide in when I found myself confused about something. It is said that when you fall in love with someone, a day without seeing him or her will drive you crazy. My friends, according to this saying, can be considered my sweethearts. If they are absent from classes for 1 day, I will immediately realize their absence, and if they are out of class for 1 week, I will feel like 100 years not seeing them.

Today, I have a small party with my dear classmates to celebrate the new year. We sang, we chatted, we hugged together.  We created such a cozy atmosphere which can be described easily by words.

And they made me recall one beautiful song of Jason Mraz





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