Hanging out with friends made my day!!!!!!!

It is wonderful to see my life filled with full of energy!!!!!!!!! Hanging out with friends coming from the extra English class I am currently taking is really an awesome experience. I wondered, at first, about how we would communicate with each other when we are coming from different universities, at a variety of ages, and we do not have much time talking to each other at class. Things, however, came beyond my expectation when we chatted casually with each other, telling jokes, and understanding better about them. (And someone in the class know about my blog – Must be careful later:P). Those above-mentioned border was blurred immediately when we went to a karaoke bar. We sang along, screamed out loud and made some awkward and crazy dances.  On way home, I cannot help laughing and singing, feeling my heart leaping with joy. …….>:D<

Life is great, as usual……….

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