People today move to new cities or new countries more than ever before. What challenges do they experience? What strategies are there to meet these challenges?
The increasing ease of movement, as the result of the modernization taking place in transportation, has changed people’s lives radically. People nowadays are not bound to dwell in one place for all their lives but are likely to make more movements to new cities and even to new countries than they were in the past. Moving to new environment inevitably gives rise to demanding challenges, which requires these migrants to work out the strategies to deal with effectively.

Exposure to new thing always causes a lot of challenges. Accordingly, migrating to a new place is not an exception. Challenges here can vary from people to people, from countries to countries, depending on the new places the migrants set in, however, to put it simply, challenges can be divided into two leading categories, namely practical and social challenges. Practical challenge comes from the fundamental demands cropped up whenever people first inhabit in one place such as accommodation, getting acquaintance with new ways, or getting accustomed to new job or new study. Practical challenge, however, is only the first obstacle, which is considered to be disproportionate to the toughness generated by the social ones. How to deal with loneliness, how to make new friends, how to overcome the cultural shocks, all of these are only among the popular social problems that almost every migrant has to solve when they set their foot on a new land.

It is the unwillingness to compromise with challenges that makes the human nature, contributing to the development of humankind. Challenges caused by the movement to a totally new environment, similarly, can be overcome by appropriate strategies. To the first kind of challenge, the practical one, migrants can find it easy to face by resorting to the guideline from the authority, the committee established by people coming from the same country as them. They can also find information relating to the new land that they are about to move on available on the Internet, booklets, and brochures. Social challenge, described as difficult, can be solved thoroughly by actively participating in social clubs, sharing house, attending the association of oversea students, to name but a few. Once these above-mentioned challenges have been taken on, migrants will find themselves stronger as well as enjoying their new lives.

As noted byWilliam E. Channing: “Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow by conflict”, challenges or difficulties cropping up are chances for you to discover your inner strength, becoming more mature. Facing challenges presented by new environment with appropriate strategies just make your life much more interesting and enjoyable.

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