Life is long and I need courage to go through it!

These days, I find myself hyped up. When I received the result which informed me that I have passed to the next round of SEO-Vietnam, I almost burst into tears. I made a phone call to my father to tell him about this good news, I ran around school, hugging my friends tight to take some courages from them so that I will have enough courage to deal with it.

Receiving the instruction from SEO-Vietnam, I was both excited, worried, eager, and …… My mind is filled with a variety of emotions, which is hard to be defined exactly. Having a conversation through Skype and Yahoo with two alumni of this program,  I seem to be given more and more courage to face with the coming challenges.

The competitors of me in this round are very talented. Unlike me, they have experiences attending a lot of international conferences, working for a lot of famous companies, which makes me intimidated for a while. I often reassure myself by taking a deep breath, saying that “Alliizz welll” (the famous sentence in 3 idiots). I write a lot of status on Facebook and set the privacy “Only me”. I just want to liberate  myself from all these thoughts. I try to find out all information relating to the next round, try to make the links between anything I have experienced in my life, try to self-interview and answer.

And I know I need courage. It is the courage for not only to deal with the challenge but also to face with failure (If it happened.)

Passing such a long run to struggle for a place in SEO-Vietnam really makes me more mature. Filling in application form, having interview with the interviewer, consulting with its alumni, I have learnt lots of things. I know more about what I want and what I need to do in my future.

Today, when I stood in front of my mother’s picture, I promised to her that I will try my best, do everything I can and she can be proud of me even she does not stay with me side by side anymore.

Mom, don’t be worried! I will try my best! On heaven, please watch over me, and see that your little girl is trying her best everyday.

6 responses to “Life is long and I need courage to go through it!

  1. Congratulations! I think you’ve already got lots of courage as you little girl made it to the next round of such a big competition like that, which was really admirable. All you need for now is just a deep breath and some relief. I believe everything will be fine and you’ll gain what you deserve. Your loved ones have already been so proud of you as well as what you’ve achieved (and so am I ^_^) Be strong, be wise and you’ll make it through ^_^


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