As more people get involved, it turns out to be much more complicating.

Blogging and counting the page view could be considered my favorite activities. When I started to translate “You are the apple of my eyes”, I did not expect that there would be that many people visit my blog. The number of page views as well as the number of comments soar up these days. It would be a joy to have your blog viewed by nearly 150 people per day, especially when I remember about the time when my blog got only 20 views per day. I must admit that the feeling of being observed, and subscribed by lots of people is really wonderful. However, the more people subscribe to my blog, the more subtantial pressure exerted on me. Now I have to be aware that once I finish one post, there would be at least 26 people looking at my post. It is somehow like living in an apartment built in the 1970s of Hanoi, in which people living next door can count how many times a day you plush your toilet. My blog, to a certain extent, turns out to be a public place, where I have to care about everything that I do at this kind of public house. The other thing that makes me feel uncomfortable is that more people visiting my blog do not mean I am cared by more people. I remember the time when my blog was not that popular, there were only some of my friends knowing about it. They visited my blog, reading what I wrote, understanding more about my own world and encouraging me with the inspiring comments. When my blog gets more traffic, I received much more comments encouraging me with the translation work I am doing. I do not mean that these comments are nonsense or worthless. Things that made me confused are the lack of intimacy, or inspiration in the comments I received. As I have mentioned in the title of this post, the more peole get involved, the more complicating the situation turns out to be.

It takes me for a while to think clearly about this. Blog, as I decided, is still my sweet home online. It is still the place where I reflect all stuff happening in my life, building up with lots of wonderful and innovative ideas. Sometimes, it will annoy the suscribers, I am sorry about this but I have no other choice.

However, I promise that I will build up this blog as a wonderful place for you to drop by. There may be something in my house that does not live up to your expectations at all, however, I guarantee that you are always welcome here.

5 responses to “As more people get involved, it turns out to be much more complicating.

  1. I also think that things will get a little bit more complicated once there so many people paying attention to your little home. Sometimes it’s bad, and sometimes not. I have 3 WP blogs, one to write down my nonsensical thoughts, one for work and the other for my hobby of translating Chinese fiction. The first one seldom gets comments as what I write in there is usually too private or too silly to leave people anything to say 😛 The second one almost never sees any comments as people drop by there just to update new information about my classes. And the last one got soooooooo many comments during the time I translated a novel. Some of them were just simply “thanks”, others urged me to speed up my translation, but there were still lots of heart-warming comments sharing their writers’ heart-felt stories or sincere thoughts with me. So I believe that you will receive what you deserve once you work/write with all your heart. I haven’t read much of your translated novel but I know for sure that it’s a great one. What I wanna say is just that, no matter what you provide in this little home of yours, there are still those you can feel it, expect it and share it with you. And I’m one of them 🙂 Hope to read more of your works as well as other stories of yours. I’ve found out that reading your blog is really really interesting, far more interesting than it seems at the first glance ^_^


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