A wonderful trip to Duong Lam Village

For one who don’t know about Duong Lam, I will give a brief introduction about this beautiful village. Duong Lam is located in Son Tay, about 85 kilometers from Hanoi. Duong Lam has been listed as traditional village since 2006. This village was also the place of birth of many important figures in Vietnamese history such as Phung Hung, who is believed to have tamed a sabre-teeth tiger, Ngo Quyen, a national hero, who had defeated Chinese invasion to gain the power for Vietnamese people, to name a few. However, every time when I thought about Duong Lam, it is the image of a peaceful and traditional countryside that is conjured up in my mind. I have read newspaper, magazine, and watched TV documentary about this village before and I am also willing to go there and visit this village. My dream was eventually actualized today.

One of my best friends at university was born in this village. She was also brought up in this cultural background, which can be seen clearly in the way she talked, she behaved to other friends in our class, so kindly and gently. Our class, therefore, decided to make a visit to her hometown. Honestly speaking, Duong Lam is not as beautiful as the image I pictured in my mind before. It has been violated a lot. The old houses seem to be gobbled up in the chaos of modern architecture around. However, I still love it as well as the people dwelling in this wonderful place. And this trip is still one of the most unforgettable trips Ihave made in my life.

It won’t be that ambiguous as I will give some reasons to elaborate on the love for this beautiful land.

Firstly, thanks to the hospitality of my friend’s father as well as her family. He is an experienced journalist, working in cultural area for a long time. When we came here, he enthusiaticly took us around the village. We went to Mia Pagoda, a famous pagoda in the North of Vietnam. It is famous for its uniqueness in architecture, which reflects the true spirit of the traditional Vietnamese pagoda. From its tough but magnificent pillars to its meaningful and distinctive monuments, our inspiring tour guide could relate a story about them, conveying his unlimited love for his hometown to us. He also added his own experiences and other interesting facts into his guidance, making the stories become more interesting. During the short trip to Mia Pagoda, he also told us about the drawbacks existing in tradition maintenance policy of the government, his worry about the situation of this village, which made us feel haunted and we do think that it is a part of our generation’s responsibility to remain such beautiful heritages.

Next, it is the joy that I shared with my classmates today that made my day. We had a trip on bicycle, feeling the wind gently kissing on our faces, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside, having conversations as usual.

These above-mentioned reasons can help explaining why I fall in love with this village. There are still lots of interesting places that we have not discovered and our class is thinking on having a trip back there in the near future.

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