Bloggers – an emerging power in mass media?

Blogger Power

This post was at first intended to be a part of one post of mine about the power of mass media, serving for my IELTS practice. But I feel that it could be a separate one, then, write this one to reflect my ideas on this issue.

As a result of Internet development, blogs appear as an effective means of conveying personal ideas to the public, becoming places for Internet users to express their own ideas. Some bloggers have emerged as prominent figures on cyberspace for their talents in some fields, mainly literature, translation, etc. The more famous they are, the more followers they have. Once they publish a new post, there will be a lot of people getting access to see what they write about. What they write is often their personal reflections on some issues, however, these reflections are taken as the right view points by some (or more) followers. Bloggers, therefore, to a certain extent, have significant impact on a lot of Internet users. Internet or social media, in particular, appeared to grant people with opportunities to express their own feelings, however, when it comes to a key blogger and a host of followers, it often proves to be difficult for one to stand out of the mainstream, raising their own opinions.

The nature of Internet, intentionally or unintentionally, has granted them with a certain extent of power. The prominent bloggers, in Vietnam, are mostly the famous translators, writers, whose blogs get thousands of page views per day as well as thousands of followers. They posted their products, their new projects, their comments on their own blogs, their own fan page or their account on YouTube. I personally admire them to some extents. They are true mavericks when making their judgments from their own perspectives, which are based on their experiences and knowledges. Things getting me annoyed are their fierce resistance to the ideas opposite them. They have the right to defend their own view points; however, they should at least show their respect to the opposite ideas. They can argue that blog serves as their own house on the Internet; they have the right to delete opposite comments or ban the access of the opposite. To a certain extent, I agree with this. However, they do not have rights to say the others’ opinion is nonsense, rubbish or stupid or not. They do not have right to make offense on the others’ mental ability just because these ones do not share the same viewpoints with them. What makes me more annoyed is the herding behavior of the blog followers. Many of followers blindly follow what the blogger says and they do not try to think autonomously. When the blogger makes an offense on the opposite ideas, the followers immediately give the blogger a hand to make much more offenses. And when the bloggers something on this blog, the followers seem to make praises on this as usual, that makes me associate with the image of some boot-lickers.

To demonstrate the point I made, I will have you take a look at this video.

(Because of property rights, I just share the link here)

If you do not know about the blogger, what do you think about this?

If you know that this blogger is a famous one, what do you think about it?

It is not the matter of viewpoints reflected in this video. Some may agree, while some may not. It is the comments of this blogger as well as the caption of this video made me feel uncomfortable.

The note she made in the caption of this video:


Well, if she said that don’t try to make any opposite comments here, it will be much more palatable. However, is she granted with the right to say that other comments are stupid or not?

Looking at the comments made by her, attacking the opposite comments made me more irritated. The opposite one has tried to make reasonable arguments with kind of acceptable tones to express his idea. However, the manner of the rebuttals made by the bloggers really made me disappointed.

There still exists something that I am still not sure about. Blogs are houses of bloggers on cyber space, therefore, should they be treated as the real houses when the features of these two kinds of houses are not the same? Should bloggers have right to say everything he/she wants or there must be some requirements on what he/she publishes? These things are still controversial, however, the point I want to stress here is that whatever point of views Bloggers stand for, they should show their respect, or at least a polite attitude to the others’idea, even it is not the same as theirs.

Finally, I want to say to blog followers as I often mentioned in the conclusion of many of my posts before: Please think in a critical manner! Do not let yourself become a dependant follower of any ideas made by the others.

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