In the chaos of choices, decisions, and …hopes

It is always not easy to come to the final decisions. No matter how carefully you analysed the problem, there remain some uncertainties that make decision making process difficult to be executed.

In my life, there’re lots of time when I find it hard to make a sensible decision.

When I was about to enter high school, I have more than 3 choices of schools. It took me more than a week to come up with pros and cons, benefits and losses. The first choice was to study in Nguyen Hue High School for Gifted Students, which is near my house. The second one is Kim Lien High School, which is about 7 kilometers far away from my house. Both schools enjoy good reputation for high quality of teaching, which made me confused to figure out the one I would like to study. Finally, I chose Kim Lien because my best friends both studied in this school. Another reason, which may sound dull, is that Kim Lien is near the downtown than Nguyen Hue. (What a reason!). 2 years later, my sister, unlike me, chose Nguyen Hue and to a certain extent, I felt that the quality of students in Nguyen Hue is relatively better than the one of Kim Lien and Nguyen Hue teachers seemed to provide better educational services to students.

When I was about to choose university, it is not difficult a choice. Foreign Trade University was my only choice and I, until now, still satisfy with the choice I have made. One thing that made me confused at that time was the choice of major. Finance, Business Administration, or Foreign Trade? I chose Foreign Trade simply because it is the most reputed major in FTU. Finally, I won a place in this major. There came to the next choice: High Quality Class or Standard Class? I chose HQ Class for the advertisement from the teachers and the ideas of learning everything in English. After studying for 2 years, I found out that I have passion for Business Administration and Standard Class seems to outweigh HQ Class in providing more in-depth knowledge to students.

After all, you can see that not all of my choices seem to be perfect at all. However, I do not feel regretful of making these choices. As I remember, when I was at high school, there was time when I totally lost directions to the future, when I have to self-study for entrance exam to offset the lack of proper educational services provided by school. I felt confused for a while but I did not feel regretful at all. I tried to live with the choices I made and made the best results out of it.

University, likewise, only provided me with a good platform to self-develop. I still find myself in the middle of nowhere, find myself struggling with the uncertainty about future. Some alumni just advise me to try my best, challenge myself with different kinds of tasks and I will find my passion lying somewhere and know the direction to it.

Hope it will work.

Today, I also made a difficult decision, which is to leave the job in EC-FTU after 3 years committing to it. It is not easy for me to make this decision given the bond I have made and valuable things I have got during this period of time. But I really need to make a stop to think clearly about what I want to do in my future instead of rushing into everything to gain nothing in the end.

Hope that it will be fine.

Human life is something that difficult to comprehend. Sometimes, we hope to have more choices to enrich our lives. Sometimes, we wish that there would be fewer choices so that we could think on them clearly.

Suddenly, I desire of having some changes in my life. Chance to have a trip to Ho Chi Minh City this summer seems to be far from my reach. I do hope to have some positive changes coming up in my life.

In the chaos of choices, decisions, and hopes…

Dreaming of Ho Chi Minh City – The land of sunshine.

One response to “In the chaos of choices, decisions, and …hopes

  1. well let it be my sister. Just take a train and be stuck somewhere, to mature. Cause we can’t see what happens in future. Fully enjoy and devote, and live as in the last day, that’s the way you never bring yourself to regret someday! Try!
    (I’m trying to comment :D)


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