Survive in a day with full of turbulence

Turbulence! I must use this word to describe all the hecks I have experienced this afternoon. Everything originated from the essay that my teacher took as the sample essay for the whole class. According to her, this essay is kind of stellar with strong arguments, rational reasoning, and “blah blah” (I just repeat the phrase that she loves saying). All of my classmates, after reading this essay, did feel that it   does not deserve such praises. To be more specific, the prompt of the essay was: “In today‘s competitive world, many families find it necessary for both parents to go out to work. While some say the children in these families benefit from the additional income, other fear that they lack support because of their parents’ absence. Discuss both views and give your own opinion“, the writer of the essay just focused on only one view and the way she argued is really annoying. The argument is kind of intrusion, which took everything for granted without paying attention to the possible rebuttals. My teacher, however, tried to defend her own judgements by relentlessly denying what we are saying. Whenever we raised any idea, she replied with unrelated answers. For example: I said that: The prompt obviously has two requirements, however, the writer just mentioned one aspect of the essay. She answered:” You guys do not have enough authority or intelligence to  understand the implicit ideas of the writer @.@ If the prompt requires you to discuss both views and you discuss both views, it is so ordinary. You only need to discuss one view and the reader will automatically understand the other view underlying in the essay. ” I do not have any clue of what the heck was coming on. She blamed for our lack of critical thinking :-/, said that we could not rely on the high score of IELTS to think that we have enough knowledge to rebut on the ideas coming from an MA in English, who won 200% scholarship from the Government (@.@ can someone help me confirm this information?) And she resorted to the difficulties of GRE or GMAT and said that we could not survive in these standardized tests without imitating her way of “logical thinking”. Never have I seen such a disastrous teacher in my life. Terribly disastrous.

6 responses to “Survive in a day with full of turbulence

  1. Cho minh hoi tiu. Vua xem phim xong thay ket thuc bun qua nen vao doc truyen thu ntn? Khong biet ket thuc truyen co giong nhu trong phim k vay moi nguoi? Thanks Huong Giang da dich truyen nhe.


      • ^^! Bị xoắn lại rồi @_@, chắc phải theo hết truyện mới bít đc.
        Hình nhưng trong phim bản gốc có một số đoạn hơi “bệnh” phải không, cái mình xem Vsub bên Kites bị cut hết.


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