Have a feel of wonderful April gently coming by my life

It has been such a long time since my last “decent” post in English. And I must admit that my English seems to have been undermined due to lack of practice. The vocabulary could not pop up as it used to be some months ago, which really made me fed up with. Harder work on English writing has to start right now or I will helplessly witness my English writing deteriorated day by day.

Now it comes to the beautiful beginning of April. It is nice to see my blog stats rocking up to nearly 700 hits a day. It is awkward of me or it belongs to the human instinct, which is desperate desire for blog stats rising when it was still a few, worry and a little bit uncomfortable when it soared, and finally, an uneasy feeling when seeing it is decreasing from the peak. However, my dear fellows, don’t worry about my fickle mind, I am such kind of person who can switch from mood to mood easily. Blog, to some extent, has helped me fix this pendulum-like temper. Thanks to blog, I have made friends with a lot of nice people, and proudly present it with my potential employers. It sounds so wonderful, right huh?

Leaving my job in English Club, I have much more time for my own plan. Wandering around school yard, spending time reading books in the library, and discovering more about my inner person, having much more serious consideration about what I tend to do in the future. I have much more time to study, to find out that knowledge from such difficult subjects like International Finance, Investment, or Financial Economics is way practical and interesting.

My April has been marked by some sweet things. As you can see from a recent post, my father has made a visit to my blog and he even left a comment.:)) I always feel content with having a very great father, who dedicates all his effort to the happiness of his two little sisters. I have made sure that I will not neglect my study at school while working on my own blog.

My April started with an invitation to apply for a job in IDG, an application for YChallenge and amazing enough, SEO-Vietnam’s urgent call for application for some internship posts. To make it easier to follow, I will break it into 3 separate stories. Firstly, it is about the post of content development for IDG. A senior in my university, Viet Ha, whose blog is also listed in my blogroll as a source of my inspiration, sent me a message to ask me if I would like to apply for this post. What makes me happy is not the post itself, but the message. It is sweet to know that your name came across someone’s mind when it comes to a job opportunity. It is the spirit of spreading information that I love the most. I also love sharing information, sharing ideas, and sharing opportunities with friends around you. For example, on finding information about a Korean singing contest, I think of sharing it on the wall of my 2 friends, who have strong passion for Korean pop songs and Korean languages. And I do feel that “What comes around, turns around”, I will be treated by the way how I treat other people. Smile regularly and get smile back. Sincere in socializing with friends and receive a large bundle of sincere treat from your friends. Life is about “give and take”.^^. Moving on the second story, it is about the Skype interview with representatives from YChallenge.  My 2012 seems to start with a lot of interviews, from 3 interviews with SEO-Vietnam, 1 interview with Fairway, and now 1 interview with YChallenge. The interview with YChallenge is a totally new experience as it was much like an informal conversation, in which we exchange ideas, opinions and experiences. Though I have not received any letter toward the result of interview but what I have experienced is really invaluable. The third story is the urgent email from SEO-Vietnam, what I have expended almost all of my efforts for 3 months. My journey with SEO-Vietnam has not ended and I still have the right to hope for a trip to the land of sunshine – Hochiminh City in this summer.

My April was also decorated with many little sweet things.

I was totally overwhelmed when my lecturer, who taught me Business Statistics 1 year ago, told my name while coming across each other accidentally in the school yard. I have not made any expression in this class, except for becoming one of students, who often came early to class and took up the first row in every lecture. This experience made me remember a story written in Dale Carnegie book, which is about the wonderful effect coming from remembering the name of an acquaintance. It seems to be a perfect demonstration in my case. The fact that my name is remembered by somebody really lightened up my day.

I was excited when I was tagged in a video made by a Philippine friend, in which he made a recap of his amazing 2011. I am so glad when seeing that I have been a part in this awesome memory of this friend about Vietnam. Many thanks come to Dean Evasco for such an amazing video. I must say that becoming candidate supporter has been one of the most sensible decisions I have made so far in my student life.

How awesome it is when I received a wall post from a little girl, saying that “you are so awesome ♥.♥”。 This message was made by a girl studying in the same International Finance class. “Hạt Cà Fê” (her facebook name) is really a smart and likeable girl to talk with. Though I know I am not as awesome as she may think but it is still nice to receive such a nice gift from a friend, isn’t it?

It is also cool when you have one friend to confide with every secret of yours. Many thanks come to Thảo Chi for her careful listening to my story and Bối for every useful and inspirational talk I have with her.

Once again, it is still a long post and he may not bother reading it at all. Anyway, I am enjoying the very first days of this awesome April. The first week of April has passed and now it’s time to look forward to much brighter and more inspirational April.

16 responses to “Have a feel of wonderful April gently coming by my life

  1. I love everything in this page: the theme, the image, the entry. You are such a sweet, caring sister Giang :D. I am so proud of you and I wish that every luck will come down your feet in a very near future 😀


    • Thank you very much for your comment! Best wishes for you, too. I hope that you will enjoy your new part of life in such a new environment as well as still be a part of EC even though you could not work with EC any more.:D


  2. The fact that you name is remembered by somebody really lightened up your day.
    The fact that my name is remembered by one bog post really lightened up my day.

    That’s the truth! 🙂


  3. The fact that your name is remembered by somebody really lightened up your day.
    The fact that my name is remembered by one blog post really lightened up my day.

    That’s the truth! 🙂


  4. it’s my pleasure when reading your blogs.
    not only your colourful page,the consistent and coherent writing but also the way you express such kind of things around you in daily life inspired me somehow 🙂
    btw, good luck with the SEO Vietnam internship program in HCM this summer 🙂


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