Life update|Connect.Empower.Inspire|Cinderella and back to basic after Prom

Sometimes, I want to spare a post to write about a specific controversial issue in the society recently or write a reflection on the awesome articles I have read somewhere, however, it seems to be difficult to write something that I do not have enough ideas or clear mindset about this. It seems easier to write about the events I have attended and write reflection on them.

It was not until Thursday when my mailbox was full with exhilarating news coming from YChallenge, and Chinese Club of Foreign Trade University.

I won the first prize in the competition named “The best CV written in Chinese”. When I was informed by Chinese Club, I was utterly amazed to the extent that I wrote a letter to ask them if they had made a wrong announcement. To my surprise, they replied and confirmed that I was among top 3 of the competition. It was almost unbelievable as I was not student coming from Department of Chinese studies and all the more so because my Chinese was almost built up through self-study. The magic did not end here. To receive the award, I attended the seminar of Chinese Club relating to job interview and CV writing skills. I was taken by surprise knowing that I won the first prize of the competition. I was even more amazed to know that the first runner-up is one girl studying in China and the second runner-up is one boy, who was also the MC of the seminar, currently studying in Faculty of Chinese Studies in Vietnam National University. The prize, therefore, should ascribe mainly to the logical structure of the CV, which I believe to be count more than the use of Chinese. Anyway, a bunch of thanks come to My Huong, one friend of mine, who is studying Chinese in Hanoi University for her valuable comments on my use of Chinese in the CV.

As you can see the slogan I mention in the title of the post: Connect.Empower.Inspire. It is the slogan of YChallenge, a case competition  organized with a view to creating a platform for students and young professionals to get connected with Vietnamese business community. Through the exposure to real business situation reflected in the case studies, students have chances to apply the knowledge they have gained at schools as well as help Vietnam business get much more innovative and intelligent ideas to enhance the competitiveness of business. It was also on Thursday that I received an email to inform me that I was welcome to the journey of YChallenge, becoming the member of Case Content Department. Working with case study is one of my favorite learning activities. I have been in love with case study since I first knew this term at the first year of university. I have downloaded lots of case studies I found on the website and this passion leads me to CIMA Global Business Competition. And now I have the chance to learn about how to write a case study 😀 The idea of working with friends studying in Singapore, learning what I don’t have chances to learn at school, receiving advice from other seniors is really awe-inspiring. I am very eager to meet two lovely sisters in the department this May when they go to Hanoi. I almost forget to mention my first cross-border meeting ever. Though I am not in Singapore or in Hochiminh City but I somehow can feel the inspiration resulting from this cross-border friendship. During the meeting, sometimes, I tried to close my eyes to have a feel of myself attending this meeting directly, not through VSee. I have made friends with a lot of enthusiastic girls coming from Hochiminh City. Though we have not met each other but I do believe that if there comes the chance, we will enjoy the real-life meeting in the future.

And you may ask me about the story of Cinderella. It was about the prom of my faculty and to conform with the etiquette of a formal prom, I have to put all make-up stuff on my face, wear dress and suffer from a pain caused by high heels. All of my friends were quite surprised at my appearance in the prom because I seemed to be much more beautiful than I am in daily life. To some extent, I like these compliments. However, I must admit that I do not feel comfortable at all with the face with full of make-up stuff. I prefer to smile naturally without make-up and wandering around with the sneakers to posing on the high heels. More to the point, I came back to Cinderella day after and I do not think of making up heavily to turn myself kind of awkward people. Without these make-up stuff, I am not beautiful at all, which really makes me confused >”<. =))

The weeks to come will be filled with exams, assignments deadlines, presentations,          extracurricular activities, and part-time job. Therefore, please don’t urge me to translate the novel. I will finish it, I promise. It is just the matter of time.


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