Hello Summer!

Finally, I have finished days of examination, entering into the busiest summer I have ever had in my life. The last busy one would be the summer when I worked hard to prepare for the entrance examination into university. The following summer was the most tumultuous one filled with full of sorrows and sad memories that would haunt me to the end of my life. The summer before the 3rd year at university was also another boring one as the summers I have had since I was a child.

A feeling of tiredness has come to me these days when I am always poised to leave home from the early morning and just come back home at 9-10 p.m. It would be an exhausting but meaningful summer when I have chance to do everything I like. Work full time, attend a project with my friends, write blog, read favourite books. Responsibility accompanies with joys and sometimes, I am dismayed at my plans. Some days ago, I was even panicked at things I have picked up this summer. However, attending workshops as organizers, meeting friends and exchanging ideas have made me calm down and I find out that it is worry that wasted my time. Instead of worrying too much, just bump into actions and try my best as much as possible.

Now all I wish for this summer is that I will be totally healthy and my family will not have any unexpected incidence so that I could do everything I like.

P/S: I start to come back to blog more regularly to make up for days leaving it alone for exam:D I have a lot of things to do with my deteriorated English.

Hope all of you will have a peaceful summer!

3 responses to “Hello Summer!

  1. Thật quá ngượng mộ chị,hình như chị mới năm thứ 2 mà đã thông thạo 2 ngoại ngữ rồi 8-> , rồi còn cả chạy đi chạy lại làm thêm nữa (hình như em đọc đc ở 1 cái entry nào đó nằm giữa các chap của yataome 😀 ) em vẫn ngóng từng chap truyện dịch của chị. Cố lên chị nhá \m/


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