Life is a chain of inspiration!

Life is a chain of inspiration. And I find myself lucky being a part of this chain.

I take inspiration from many friends of mine, learning about the way they overcome their difficulties as well as the means in which they have paved the way to reach the success. I owe them for the everlasting inspiration coming from their courage to follow their passion and chase their dream.

It is also such an amazing experience when I receive some messages from some friends of mine that they feel motivated after reading my posts on WordPress, especially ones writing about failure and success. My very first intention of writing this blog is to practice my English as well as to reflect thoughtfully on every incidence I have experienced in my life. “We write to taste  life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.” No matter how bitter or sweet it is, it is still such an enjoyable feeling to taste it again. Some learning points are also drawn from there and they are both helpful dots in my life, which could be linked together to help me realize a bigger picture. After I shared some posts of mine on Facebook, I have received many positive feedbacks from my friends, telling that my blog has inspired them somehow. To a certain extent, I have given inspiration to the others. And these inspirations may be spread to more and more people. I always dream of life filled with inspiration, where people are free to pursue their passion.

It is not difficult to get inspiration. Every one surrounding me could be a source of inspiration. There are some points in my life, I do feel disappointed at some people I know just because they do not live up to my expectation. Looking back on these days, I feel disappointed at myself more. Expectation, of course, is not to be blamed, It is the way of dealing with things falling out of expectation. Getting to know a new friend is like getting down to reading a book. If you read books and you are happy to find that all the knowledge covered in this one is known all by you, what will be the point of reading? Instead of waiting for something you are familiar with, just open your mind to reach out your traditional zone, step outside and discover other good points of the books. The same story could be applied to the practice of making new friends. You should try your best to understand them more, learning their good points and helping them improve if needed. (However, in many cases, I personally think that if the book is not of your taste, it is no use cramming it.:D)

I have set some goals for me these days. It would be a hard journey of self-analysis, of stretching out of what I used to do before. I just want to say that I can do it. I just want to scream out loud and settle down to action.  I have this dream since I was a small girl but due to lacks of information, kind of silly mind, I was kept back so long. It is never too late to make dreams come true. Is that right?

Once again, life is a chain of inspiration. To materialize my dream, I should get connected to this chain more and more, both upwards and downwards, forwards and backwards of this link.

2 responses to “Life is a chain of inspiration!

  1. I love this! Also, as an ESL teacher, I am very impressed with your strong command of the English language. It must have been quite a learning curve for you. Keep up the awesome work!


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