My summer in IDG

This summer is really one of the most awesome ones that I have ever experienced in my life: working full time and organizing an event with friends; meeting new friends as well as discovering more about my ability. In this summer, I have tried to step out of my comfort zone, embracing new challenges and I really feel confident and more mature after this summer. In this post, I would like to reflect my summer at IDG Vietnam.

In this summer, I work as a full-time staff at IDG Vietnam. I have worked as a temporary staff at IDG since April 2012 and turned to full-time mode this summer. Working at IDG is the first time I have been a white-collar worker, getting my first insight into business environment.  My opportunity with IDG is really kind of unusual when I got to know the vacant post through a fellow blogger, who is my current colleague at IDG. The interview was also smooth as I received lots of advice from this friend and my previous experience suited what the employees need. All these things confirmed the importance of networking at university as well as sharpened myself with more values added.  Honestly speaking, at first, I am not too much in working mode. Firstly, it is my strong desire of working in HCMC that distracted me from working for some times. Secondly, during my very first week, my job was only to translate documents and read materials relating to banking governance, which made me think much on my future career. Will I continue to get into marketing or shift to finance-related jobs? What if I stay with marketing, what is the input or the value I have to create myself to climb up the career ladder? Gradually, I found more interesting things in my current job when I started getting familiar with colleagues and getting involved in more complicated works. The works I am doing may be simple and a person graduating from a vocational school can also accomplish it. Therefore, it is only the incessant learning process and the desire of getting things improved all the times that can add more values to the products I have made. My manager and my colleague could be the perfect studies for the nonstop innovative spirits. They spent lots of time finding ways to improve the process of event management, reading lots of materials, getting access to a host of similar event website with a view to adding new features to the current event websites. I also appreciate my manager for her encouragement for the staff and her patience in guiding me through works as well as inspiring me to find out more about the area of marketing and sales. Other things that I have learnt in my work at IDG come from the other employees from different functions. Apart from Conference development department, Sales Department could be considered the key department of Public sector, which is the main determinant of the success of the events. During my time here, I have learnt much from their ways of communicating with the potential sponsors, from the way to make a cold call to the way of setting price for a specific business partner based on a specific situation. More importantly, it is their persistence to win the contract with potential sponsors that impress me the most. Even in the most pessimistic situation, they do not lose hope but find out the lessons and continue to try their level best to connect to different sponsors. In addition, the bond made between sales executives in IDG really makes me love this place. In other companies, there often exits harsh competition between sales executives for better sales; however, thing I found between sales executives in IDG is the collaboration spirit to head for the common benefit of the company. They confine with each other about their families, their ways of bringing up kids, sharing their worries about their children and even betting for football match result on the occasion of Euro. When we have to relocate the office, moving to a new office, they are excited about decorating the room, buying furniture for the office, making it beautiful with flowers and little cute things, which really makes me feel like home whenever going to work. Although I have not been sure about my commitment to work at IDG, days working here absolutely made my firsthand experience at workplace such a wonderful start in my career ladder.


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