Autumn rhapsody

Autumn is always my most favorite season in the year. There’s no more heavy rain and the annoying hot and humid weather prevailing as it is in the summer. Autumn with its gentle breeze, the cool atmosphere really works in helping people calm down and sparing little moment for them to be an amateur poet wandering in the lane fully covered with yellow leaves. Autumn is a quick and quiet moment between summer and winter. It reminds us of summer by the balmy sunshine, and alerts us to the upcoming winter by its gentle breeze early morning. People often take spring as the symbol of beginning but for me, it is autumn that marks the beginning. The reason for the link between autumn and the beginning is quite simple and familiar to lots of people as it is in autumn that students begin their new school years. The beginning of a school year used to be very important to me and my family when I was a schoolgirl. Mother would wake my younger sister and me up in the early morning, preparing a special breakfast for us and reminding us of checking books carefully because all of us believed that a good preparation from the beginning would be likely to bring about a successful school year ahead. When I was 12 or younger, I always had my mother accompany with me, helping me capture the moment of new school year and she might help me carry the bag or things like flag, and flower while I had fun with classmates. Time flies but those beautiful memories seem like things happening yesterday; secretly lying somewhere in my mind and poised to pop out when there is something acting as stimulation, in this case it is the chilly weather of autumn. Autumn brings me back to the days at secondary school and high school, when I shared the road home with my friends, riding on the small bicycles, drawing two lines of green and purple on the way. I recalled the days when trying my best to climbing up the land bridge and being amazed by the light red sun. Autumn brings me with time to slow down my steps, enjoying the weather, calming down for a while before entering into the other challenges. Autumn is like a rhapsody whenever I read a short poem which used to be printed in my old textbooks at primary school.  “It was an early morning, an autumn morning with chilly dew and gentle breeze. My mother kindly held my hand, taking me along the long and narrow path embracing the village.  The path was familiar to me as I had been on it for many times before, but this time, it struck me with a strange feeling. The surrounding landscape seemed to change as my mind was also witnessing a big change: Today I go to school.” Whenever reading this beautiful passage written by Thanh Tinh, a feeling of peace and purity overwhelms my mind, bringing me back to the past for a while, to remember the beautiful childhood, to live for a while in poetry.

This autumn is the last autumn I spend as a university student. We, I mean our class; celebrate this final autumn at university by a wonderful trip near West Lake. There is nothing more suitable in this wonderful weather than a trip around the West Lake, wandering through the flowery market, going to Hochiminh Mausoleum to see the flag rising in the early morning. To me, it was also a special experience when I have to go to work before and after the trip. By accident, the event our company organized took place right at Sheraton Hotel near West Lake. And the sleepover I spent with my friends took place near West Lake as well. I can’t not help smiling when recalling 2 nights spending at other places rather than home and just 10 kilometers from home. Two days of work, of friends, of colleagues, of lots of things blended together. Autumn flower or the light fragrance at Sheraton mixed well in this cool weather. College life or colleague-ship went hand in hand those days. I even imagine myself as Jane, a girl standing within school and work in “Jane by design” – a popular teen TV series on Star World. Things different here may be the fact that I do not have to conceal any secret like her. Things went on sweet for a college girl like me; school and work seem to accord so well. And I am enjoying beautiful autumn of the youthful years.

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