The last lesson at university

University life is coming to its end. I do not remember how I imagined about my last day at university when I first stepped into this university. As I have mentioned in one status of mine on Facebook, after wandering around Facebook and seeing how friends, who I used to talk with at the beginning of university life but got out of touch later during these 3 years, are up to, I realized that we both grow up in our own way. Some have obtained tons of success while some are still struggling to gain what we want. Some people plan to pursue jobs in auditing or marketing while some still stand between vague choices in the future. From my perspectives, university is wonderful; however, it is wonderful in a different way from the one I imagined when I was still at high school.

 At high school, I thought that I could thrive at college life with good study result and participate actively in extra-curriculum activities at the same time, which would lead to easier life after graduating. I have accomplished both. Though I am not a straight A student but somehow I am satisfied with the overall result. Though I am not a highly active student, who wins many exchange trips to abroad, I am proud of the roles I have taken at these student-run organizations. Well, maybe I was right at the point of being good at study and activity, the thing that is out of my expectation is that all these stuff finally does not lead to a very easy life after graduating. I still find it difficult to match with the requirement of the employers especially in the current economic recession. Life at university is far more unpredictable than what happened at high school. This fact reminds me of a quote from the movie “21”:  “I had a 1590 on my SAT, I got a 44 on my MCAT, and I have a 4.0 GPA from MIT. I thought I had my life mapped out, but then I remembered what my non linear equations professor once told me, always account for variable change…” So life is not linear and the most interesting points are hidden in around the angles created by the non-linear life.

At high school, we have nearly only one choice: University. At university, we are hesitant to choose the road that we are about to pursue, especially in a university like Foreign Trade University, students do not stick to one specific career path as students coming from other universities. Some chooses audit or accounting while some prefers to be challenged in banking sector. Some wants to live with marketing and some even turns out to work as director in media agency, which has nothing to do with the major they studied at university. At high school, students with highest academic score will gain lots of awards but at university, students are recognized for their talents varying from studying to dancing. I also realized another fact at university that we have different ways to build up our personal values. Some may put much emphasis on studying while some will pay more attention to extracurricular activities. Some may choose their expertise in foreign languages other than English as their competitive advantages while some considers accumulating their working experiences. There is no absolute formula for success at university (If success here means a good job placement after graduating).

At high school, I thought that participating in student-run organization is to get something to write in my CV. However, after 3 years working in EC, YVS and Ychallenge, I realize that what we actually received is more than some lines in our CV. Skills or experiences may be valuable things that we gain from these organizations but it is also worth noting that some students still get into large corporations with few lines in their section of extracurricular activities. So what we really gain after all? Friends and irreplaceable moments of youth are things that count. We really have the time of our life; have ourselves burnt for things that we believe to be worthy.

At high school, I did think that university life, exciting though, would lack real friendship. I am, however, wrong again. I have found lots of good friends here, who are interesting in their own ways and moreover, I have found out my second family – my beloved A6. I do not use this term casually – what I mean is that A6 is a real family. I can find someone to confide with when I feel bored, feeling totally comfortable when being with them. Sometimes I may forget A6 when I am busy with other stuff outside like part-time job or extracurricular activities but I always feel assured that they are still there, waiting for me to come back and recount all the interesting things I have experienced outside. My time at university will not be that awesome without them.

Well, at first, I intended to write something about my last lesson at university but finally I have made a review about the differences between how I imagined about university when I was at high school and how university is actually.  I made lots of assumptions about university when I was about to be a freshman and now when I am about to graduate, I see that few assumptions come to be true. That’s fine; at least I have figured out whether these assumptions are right or wrong. Maybe life is about making assumptions and experiencing to find out whether it is right or wrong. And happiness lies in these experiences or in the journey of proving these assumptions, not in the result of these assumptions at all.

P/S: I am writing this note in my last lecture at university. I had a balmy afternoon taking lots of amazing photos with my classmates. I started a new course in Accounting. I came back home surfing Facebook with my news feed is filled with photos from AmCham, Big 4. I ended up my day finding out that I seem to fail in other recruitment event. Peer pressure is still something that I am trying to get over and I know that the situation will become better soon.

Good night, my dear friends and I do hope to receive some good news tomorrow! 😀

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