Entry for the end of 2012

Another year filled with lots of activities is about to pass. Fortunately, there was no Doomsday as reflected in the movie 2012 😉 (Although I have not seen this movie before and I don’t believe much in the Doomsday). To make a small statistic report, in 2012

– I have written 55 posts so far, this post is counted in too.

– My blog has got more traffic than ever. It reaches 102,498 views now, in comparison with around 800 – 900 views at the end of 2011.

– I have finished 17 chapters of a novel. Well 9 more to go.

– I have added 299 friends last year. I cannot expect it could be that big. All friends added by me must have some real-life connections with me, otherwise I never add them. Wow, let’s see how this network develops in 2013.

– I have 10 interviews up to now; fail in 5 and still do not receive the result of 1 interview. I hope 2013 would be much easier in getting a decent job placement.

– I participating in organizing 8 events. I have tried to take various positions: candidate supporter, content development executive, logistics manager, case content executive. Do not have much idea relating to events next year.

– I have finished a report for CIMA GBC 2012. I will try more next year for sure.

– I have my first trip abroad. Hope that I could travel more and learn more in 2012.

Any way, it would not comprehensive to describe a year through number. As I have written in my SEO application form, that success should be measured by what I have learnt rather than the glamorous title I get; and it is our courage to move forward without losing enthusiasm to next challenges that counts. In 2012, I have not gained the things that I want badly but if looking on the bright side, I have tried my best and got another valuable thing along the way.

Let’s see how 2013 treats us! Happy New Year! 🙂

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